giving dog baby aspirin

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Barked: Wed Oct 10, '12 7:00am PST 
we know its safe to give a dog regular aspirin. we only give homie a quarter of one and he is in alot of pain to and old but we are wondering is it safe to give him coated baby aspirin?? we though it would be better since it was coated. he suffers with pain and arthritis especially when he ahs to move and cries and we know we can take him to the vet and get him something for the pain but know that can get real expensive to. i am on social security and dont get a whole lot every month but am open to suggestions from everyone out there. thank you

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Coated aspirin works differently in dogs than in people. You can try buffered aspirin like Bufferin to try to help with the stomach upset but it really would be best to see your vet and see if they can't find you something affordable or recommend something better that you could get on a limited budgetwishes

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You should really be asking your vet this. They will be able to tell you the safe dose and whether baby aspirin will work as well as the regular stuff.

Most vets are willing to work with patients to come up with a lower cost solution. It's worth a shot. smile


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When I worked as a dog walker, I had several clients that gave their older dogs baby aspirin and I give Noah buffered doggy aspirin when he gets sore from a day of running.

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Check Petsmart for asprin manufactured especially for dogs.I have seen it there.