How can a keep stray cats from pooping in my flower bed?

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I have stray cats in my neighborhood, along with skunks, possum and who knows what else.

Logan and Julia chase them away if they are seen, but the cats usually do their business at night.

Julia even had to have emergency surgery as she ingested some rocks that a cat had pooped on. (I've since removed as many of the rocks as possible). Both Julia and Logan are always searching the flower beds for the stray cat poop. It can't be good for them.

I've purchased a motion sprinkler that covers most of the yard, but the flower beds closer to the house don't get covered by the motion sprinkler, nor do I want it blasting the side of the house at night.

Is there something I can put in the dirt, such as cayenne pepper that will discourage the cats from pooping, yet won't hurt my dogs? I've read cayenne pepper is safe for dogs, just not sure how to apply it. Does anyone have a mixture that's used, or do you just sprinkle the cayenne dry spice around?

If you have other suggestions that might work better, I'm all ears.


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You can try finely powdered black pepper, but the downside is that you have to re-apply it after it rains.

You can also use plastic or wire mesh to cover up the flower beds, or consider using something like lava rocks to make it really uncomfortable for the cats to dig through.

You can also try a product called "Critter Ridder". It comes in a granule and spray form and is basically the active ingredients from hot peppers (capsacin). Although this might not be a great idea if you think your pups might come into direct contact with it.

You can also consider renting a livetrap and trapping the cat(s) and bringing them to your local SPCA, which, depending on your area's pet population and shelter facilities, may not be a palatable option.

I believe that there are a few types of bedding plants on the market that are supposed to be cat/dog/skunk deterrents. That might be worth looking into.

Best of luck! We've had to deal with our garden being the neighbour's cats' litter box and marking area, so I know how frustrating this can be!

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You just sprinkle the cayenne right on the dirt. I also recommend getting & planting some Scat! This is a plant that deters both dogs & cats from entering the garden. You plant one meter apart...& they work. There is an old thread about this. My neighbour's cat had been pooping in my flower garden for years. I planted the Scat!...also known as DogBegone wink and she stopped. It was easy to propogate, so after the first year I just brought one into the greenhouse & had 10 nice healthy plants for spring. I also plant it around my veggie & herb gardens to remind da boyz they are off limits laugh out loud

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And a far nicer user friendly option is lemon juice sprayed.......

Why burn and hurt a creature who doesnt know its your flower bed ? Lemon works well.Also try some of the astrigent essenssial oils like sage or rosemary.

Annoying it might be.... reason to hurt... no.Also cayenne or any hot pepper will hurt your dog too.

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Awww! we just went through this with my creepy neighbors poor cats, they have feline leukemia and just insist on coming over my fence and right up to our fenced in catio (cat patio) I have tried everything but will not use any pepper type of things as this can definately hurt cats as they will wipe their eyes with their paws and transfer the pepper to their eyes. We have seen this in the clinic and it causes corneal ulcers.
What I have found that works is a product called Liquid Fence, worked great, yes it completely sticks but boy! does it work. Our new puppy ran by and grabbed one of the plant leaves that I sprayed and immediately spit it out and has not gone back, yea haw!!!!!!
It has been raining here a lot and it does not seem to have taken away the liquid fence, in fact his cats have not been seen for a few days so I am hoping it will continue to work, heck maybe they will remember and not come back orrrrr....the creep of a neighbor will be responsible and keep his cats in.
Best wishes finding something that works. Oh we got it at Lowes but you can get it cheaper online.

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We have used gobs of Vicks VapoRub on tongue depressors, stuck in among the flowers. They apparently don't like the smell and avoid the area. It certainly doesn't hurt them, and you only have to replenish once in a while.

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Moth Balls are suppose to work...Sprinkle a few wherever needed....This is what they do for children's outdoor sand boxes.......