How safe is Tramadol?

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Koby has very painful hips and I was wondering what long term use of Tramadol would do to him? Does anyone have any experience with it? Previcox does not agree with him. Thanks.

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Here is a website about Tramadol.
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I the human have been taking tramadol for seven or more years with no ill effects. I do get liver values tested every six months but other than that, it is apparently a very safe drug.
There is evidence that it can be addictive, much as the manufacturers would like that not to be true, and, if I am really late on my next dose I get the shakes, fever and just plain do not feel good.
Interestingly enough, over the years I have not had any lessening of the pain relief I get from it and have not had to increase the dosage, which can be a problem with narcotics.
However, both my physician and I agree that it works great for me and I would not be functioning nearly as well as I do without it, and it is MUCH safer than narcotics.


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Well alot of safer options are out there that I'd want to try first. Your boy is only 7 months old? Have you tried traumel or other homeopathics? What about hydrotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic measures?

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Pip did a lot of Tramadol after both of his knee surgeries. It seemed to help him a lot and caused no side effects. (this was for about 6 weeks for each surgery)

I, Pip and Fritz's person, have tried to take Tramadol, it makes me ill. I get a bad tummy ache and headache. I don't know if dogs would have this kind of side effect, Pip didn't, but I would watch out for it.

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I Mika&Kai's mom had a similar reaction to that of Fritz' person. I also didn't get any noticable relief from my pain but know of others(humans) who do not have the side effects and do have pain relief from it. You'll just have to try it and watch for side effects with your dog. I hope if not the Tramadol you find something that helps your dog.hughughughug andwisheswishes to you both.

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We are in the process of looking for a physical therapist, which offers swimming therapy. Thanks for all your responses. I really appreciate them.