Costco Frontline?

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Smurph Man
Barked: Fri Nov 4, '11 5:38pm PST 
I noticed Frontline Plus was being sold at Costco a 6 month supply for $70, which is a lot less expensive than what we pay at the vet. It's $50 just for a 3 month supply.

My question is, the packaging and everything all looked the same. Is it safe to buy it there?

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Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Fri Nov 4, '11 6:10pm PST 
Dont buy from the Vet !!

ALWAYS expensive ...

I buy from Entirely Pets ... online.. and have done for 5 years... their speed of delivery and customer service is 2nd to none.


I get the purple (44-88 lbs dogs) and its $70-99 for 6 mths.

Sometimes its a little cheaper.. and sometimes you get a free shipping code. This time around I got 15% off e-coupon code from them

Shipping is around $4-95 and from order to arrival at your door is rarely more than 3 days.

Almost no-one else can beat their price... you ALWAYS know its a reputable company you are dealing with.

EDIT: just checked the MOST their 3 mth supply is.. and thats for the 89-132 lb dogs is $38-99 !!!!

The Purple 3mth is $37-99

For Murphy's size... the orange pack

3 MONTH Frontline PLUS Orange for Dogs 0-22 lbs $34.99

6 MONTH Frontline PLUS Orange for Dogs 0-22 lbs

OR the Blue pack

3 MONTH Frontline PLUS Blue for Dogs 23-44 lbs

6 MONTH Frontline PLUS Blue for Dogs 23-44 lbs

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How You Doin'?
Barked: Fri Nov 4, '11 7:51pm PST 
I get Cosequin DS and Frontline TopSpot from Entirely Pets.
1 dose of Frontline lasts right around 10 weeks though this summer Chance made it a whopping 15.5 weeks between doses!
I also buy flea control to donate to rescues/shelters from EP when I find a really good deal.

Great service and fast delivery.

I usually time it right so I get to use a coupon code and what I buy qualifies for free shipping.


Smurph Man
Barked: Sat Nov 5, '11 9:16am PST 
waveThank you guys, I'm going to stop buying it from the vet!hug

Barked: Sun Nov 6, '11 2:44pm PST 
Yes, the stuff from Costco is the real deal. My mom works there and they don't use knock offs. They just have such great buying power that they can offer it for a much better price.
Samwise (RB- 7-21-2012)

I'm a simple dog- & just want to- be loved
Barked: Tue Nov 8, '11 3:37pm PST 
Hello! My mom is a FRONTLINEĀ® ambassador and wants to help you make an informed decision about where you buy FRONTLINE.

Since Merial only sells FRONTLINE to licensed, practicing veterinarians and is not in the over-the-counter business, Merial makes no guarantee of product integrity if the FRONTLINE is not purchased at a veterinarianā€™s clinic.

If you ever have any other questions, mom would love to help! Or, please feel welcome to call the FRONTLINE Hotline at 1.800.660.1842 or visit the FRONTLINE website at www.completekiller.com

I hope this helps!
Toto, CD, RN, CGC

We don't do- doodles!!!
Barked: Tue Nov 8, '11 3:51pm PST 
Of topic a bit, but since everyone seems to be recommending Entirely pets I would like to add this. I recently made my first order with Entirely pets and was most unhappy. I ordered a product for a client last Monday and she had to have it by Friday so I paid for overnight shipping.
When Thursday rolled around the money had been taken out of my account but checking my account statement on line said the product was backordered.
Irritated, I called them and asked what was up. They said the item was indeed backordered so it hadn't shipped yet, but would ship as soon as it came in, probably in a week or two. I told them I paid overnight so I would have it in time for a client. Their comment was "sorry". I asked why I hadn't been notified since they had BOTH my email and a phone number. They told me it wasn't their practice to notify about backordered items and if I needed it sooner I should have called them with the order instead of using the webpage.
OKAY... go try to find an order phone number on their webpage!!!!!
I canceled the order and am still waiting for the credit back into my account. Hasn't happened yet!
I wouldn't think it would take a rocket scientist to realize that if you paid $30 for shipping for a $12 item you need it in a hurry!!!

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Bruno CGC

Honorary Kelpie
Barked: Tue Nov 8, '11 4:04pm PST 
Samwise, how is it then that so many stores sell Frontline? I get mine at the local farm store. Does that mean it was diverted unofficially?

Smurph Man
Barked: Tue Nov 8, '11 4:20pm PST 
Is the whole thing about if frontline has an expiration date on it, it's fake is that true? thinking

Sorry you had a bad experience Toto, never ordered from them.
Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Tue Nov 8, '11 4:20pm PST 
Sorry Samwise Mum.... but it IS sold legally and officially in many places.. at various prices...

Vets do make a little more money from it than other places.

I DO however agree totally that there ARE "knock-offs" of it .. and one has to be careful....

That is why I still recommend Entirely Pets.. as their integrety not in question.

Would I buy from eBay(and there was alot recently) NO

Would I buy from many other places... NO.

I guess the bottom line is if you have built a trust with a company..and you have done your research... then you will continue to trust that company.

Toto... I have been using them for 5 years... and have always recommended them... and I have never ever had a problem. My stuff comes ordinary post in 3 days from order.. but I have never had anything on a back order... so I guess that was the problem.

I am sorry your experience with them was not a happy one....
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