How bad is it for dogs to eat cat poop?

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Samwise (RB- 7-21-2012)

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Barked: Fri Jul 29, '11 7:47am PST 
So, as gross as this is, my oldest dog Lancelot (who doesn't use the computer because he says he's too old to learn technology; so, he's never on Dogster) eats cat poop. This has never been a problem because the cats have always been indoor only. But, we built them a cat fence and now they have the roam of the yard, just like the dogs. Which means, Lancelot has a tootsie roll heaven in his yard now.
I recently had a fecal test for them and they are worm free but still...Disgusting!
Samwise steers clear of any cat droppings, so I'm not worried about him.
But, Lancelot is 15 years-old and getting older fast. He doesn't vomit or have diarrhea, so can anyone think of any problem with this particular bad habit, other than the gross-out factor? Or, can you think of any way to stop him. Keep in mind, I have seven cats and spraying all their poop with bitter apple or something would be a full time job.
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Barked: Fri Jul 29, '11 8:57am PST 
From what I'm told, the problem with it, especially with an older dog is that its very rich in protein. It could cause some runny poo and as you know, parasites.

Besides that, the lack of human kisses is always a bad thing. Old dogs have bad enough breath without adding kitty patte to it!big laugh

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Barked: Fri Jul 29, '11 5:02pm PST 
If you find a way to make him stop, you'll have a multi million dollar invention!

Sallie Mae

Sallie Mae
Barked: Fri Jul 29, '11 10:55pm PST 
I may be mistaken, but I read somewhere that dogs hate the taste of pooped pineapple. Could you trick your cat into eating a little bit of it daily and see? One of our dogs had a nasty habit of eating dog poop in the yard, so we started a pineapple tidbit treat regimen daily and it did the trick. I am just not sure of it with cats, though. I am sure anything would be worth a try!!

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Barked: Sat Jul 30, '11 4:06pm PST 
Every time I let the dogs out, they go on a chicken and duck poop eating extravaganza! red face It's really gross, and I don't know how to stop them. I just hope it doesn't hurt them in anyway, though I do worry about parasites.
Samwise (RB- 7-21-2012)

I'm a simple dog- & just want to- be loved
Barked: Thu Aug 4, '11 6:17am PST 
Thanks for the advice you guys! I appreciate it! I'll see what works...hopefully something. At least it seems like he won't get sick.