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I took my puppy, Phoebe, in for her second round of vaccinations:

(DA2PP) Vaccine: #2 of 3 in the series 8/9/2011
Bordetella Vaccine - Intranasal

The next day, the vet called me and said that I had been overcharged for something, would get a credit, chatted awhile, and then said that Phoebe would need four (not three) DA2PP shots. She explained that a dog so young as ours (she was seven weeks) should have two of the first in a series of three.

My concern: Is this vet blowing smoke up my butt, they made a mistake and gave my puppy the WRONG shot for round two? And if so, does it harm my dog to get a double dose of round 1 vaccinations followed by round 2 and 3? In effect, she's getting four Distemper/Adenovirus/Parvo/Parinfluenza (DA2PP) Vaccines. I've never heard of that, and I don't understand the difference between shots 1, 2, and 3.
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I don't quite understand "two of the three first vaccines" or am I misunderstanding??
Normally the core vaccines do not start until 8 weeks due to the pup carrying the mom's immunity levels until they start dropping off about 8 weeks. Was the pup taken away from mom very early?
Some breeders will start vaccines at 6 weeks than the new owners will start up the vaccines once again 3-4 weeks later until they are fully vaccinated at about 16 weeks.
Different Vets can and will have different protocols, maybe call around and ask about particular vaccine protocols with other vets. Do your research about the newer vaccine protocols, many Vets are changing their thoughts about when vaccines should be given.
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this has become such a controversial subject. i did my own research (ALOT of research)and determined a shot protocol for my dogs that i was comfortable with, felt was best for my dogs and our lifestyle(where we live, visit, etc.). i've found that vets aren't always comfortable with clients that do this, but it is up to us as good dog owners to educate ourselves and advocate for our dogs, regardless of how it makes the vet feel or what they think. my vets do not agree with the protocol i follow, but i don't care. i've done my research and for the most part, i think we know what is best for our own dogs. i think it all comes down to not being intimidated by your vet.


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I think part of it depends, also, on if you are doing to do very early socialization of such a young pup (before 8 weeks).thinking

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Is there another vet in the area you could contact and ask about vac protocols?
Another good place, more neutral, to get more information is the city shelter. They have a vet on staff and they they might be willing to give you information.
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Your dog should be vaccinated every 3-4 weeks until they have had at least one vaccine after they turn 16wks IE the final puppy vaccine should be given to a puppy 16 weeks or older.

That is why some dogs get three and some dogs get 4 - it depends entirely on the starting age.

If you start at 6 wks you would vaccinate on wks 6, 10, 14 and 18
If you start at 7 wks you would vaccinate on wks 7, 11, 15 and 19
if you start at 8 wks you would vaccinate on wks 8, 12, 16
if you start at 9 wks you would vaccinate on wks 9, 13, 17

ETA - Full protection is not acheived until 4 wks after the final vaccination. IE if your last vaccine is at 16wks you are fully protected at 20wks.

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dandy does not get vaccinated AT ALL.

whn i got him, i was told he'd had his shot but they didn't send his papers, couldn't find them, and couldn't remember the name of the vet that went out to the farm and did all the dogs.

normally, i'd've doubted but i do know these ppl and they're solid. the local vet doesn't touch small animals - "not worth his time" - so they have to wait until a vet comes from the next city over, which is nearly 2hrs away.

i spoke w a vet and he said to wait until dandy was a year old just in case.

dandy was 14mo old when i got him the first of what was supposed to be two shots. he *shrieked* when the needle went in - the vet jumped a mile, said that was a wierd reaction. 3d later, dandy had ripped all the fur out around the injection site. that vet said never to get him vaccinated again - he'd clearly had his first shots (cause allergic reactions never happen the first time - the first time is the trigger and the reaction happens after that) while another vet said he should get them but be admitted to hospital for 48hr monitoring (cha-ching) while a third said i needed to get blood titres done every six months at $75 a pop, one for each disease! who's got that kind of money cause i sure don't!

three vets, three different answers, each more expensive than the last so who knows - considering the dismal track record of vaccines in humans and my oldest daughter reacting (such a high fever the emerg threw my baby in a cold bath to try and bring it down as fast as possible) with subsequent development of asperger's syndrome, i have no faith in them.

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Okay, thanks everyone for your thoughts. In view of comments, it seems reasonable and I'll stop second guessing the vet.

We got Phoebe from a breeder who was clearly unable to afford vets, so Phoebe didn't have any vaccinations at all when we first got her at 7 weeks old. Phoebe's Mom was removed from the home, who knows how much earlier.

Thanks again, I think we're on the right track.