Please Help - Recurring Abscesses

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Barked: Thu Jul 7, '11 7:12pm PST 
Hi everyone.
I am hoping there may be someone out there that may have been through a similar thing that can offer us some advice or help as we are getting desperate.

Our two year old staffy girl has been getting very large recurring abscesses on her neck for about 6 weeks now. She has seen 3 different vets who all agree that there is a foreign body migrating around her neck area causing the abscesses, they suspect it is a splinter of wood or something similar, as she has been known to chew on sticks.

She has just had a 3rd round of surgery to drain and clean out the abscess area and the surgeons still cannot find the foreign body, meaning there is a very good chance it will all flare up again and she will need a 4th surgery. They have been able to see a clear tract of where the body is migrating, however just cannot find what it is. She has had xrays and nothing has shown up, which makes the vets more sure that it is a splinter.

Our girl is having trouble swallowing her food due to the extensive cutting and surgery she has had on her neck and while she feels ok now as she is on anti-inflammatorys and anti-biotics, we are still worried sick about her.

We are completely exhausted with it all and are so tired of seeing our darling girl in pain. We are also nervous of more surgery - her jugular vein was severed in the 2nd round of surgery and because there is so many vital veins and arteries in the neck area I feel sick to think of her having to go through anymore.

Does anyone know of anything else that we can try - be it remedies, treatments - anything at all? We would be so grateful to hear from anyone that can offer us any help or advice, or from anyone that has been through recurring abscesses with their dogs.

Thanks everyone blue dog
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Just curious, have you been referred to either a board certified veterinary surgeon or vet school? Sometimes the specialists can have some different ideas up their scrubs sleeves. The specialists see some very unique and complicated cases and can offer a world of experience.

We had a dog come in vomiting and on the xrays even with a barium series we could not see anything but we knew something was there, we actually found it with an ultrasound. A very small stick, amazing.

Have there been any cultures done on the abscess? I am sure they have by now if it is not getting better. Just asking though.

Is the affected area in the throat? Can they use an endoscope or have they tried that, its amazing what you can see with the camera on the endoscope.

Maybe a Veterinary neurologist can help, there again they see some very intense cases. Your vets can consult with the specialists and vet schools for some opinions.
We will send pup prayers for healing.
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I agree with the other poster in that you should try a specialist or a vet school. They are usually up to date on the latest & greatest procedures and treatments. If you are in the US on the East Coast, you can try Tufts, Angell or University of Penn( I believe they call it New Bolton Center). They are very good. If your not close to any of them, I'm sure you can find one closer to you. Good Luck!

molly pie

Barked: Tue Jul 19, '11 1:36pm PST 
I'm curious what happened with your dog. My dog Molly has her second abcess on her neck. We are trying to treat it with antibiotics and I'm wondering if its a splinter Like your dog.