Dachsund with dry ear ends/bit of White Crusties

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I have a 9 year old Dachsund and she has started getting dry, slightly inflamed ends to her ears. There is also a bit of White flat crusty "stuff". It almost looks like really dry skin that got wet and is sticking to her hair. I googled this and the first thing that came up was mange - it doesn't look like mange at all. I don't think it's mange. She is bathed every 1-2 weeks, is strictly inside and is not around other dogs. She is allergic to the rabies, distemper & various other shots (the last time sent her into anaphylactic shock and we barely got her to the vet in time) so we don't associate her with other dogs just in case. Furthermore, we keep an extremely clean house and we live in a desert so there is very little humidity (bad for mites). She doesn't scratch and show no sign of being bothered. She is fed Science Diet, small bites light. We supplement the food with Omega 3 oil as she does have trouble with dry skin occasionally. The ends of her ears are slightly inflamed so I don't want to make anything worse by touching or washing them above and beyond what a normal bath gives. I also don't want to overreact and put something on it that will plug her follicles up. I took some pictures but I don't see any option of uploading pictures here - let me know if there is a way to share them. If I had to guess I would say its inflamed from being dry. We are watching it and if it requires a visit to the vet we will take her but was wondering if any one had any suggestions or similar experiences.


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I know what you are talking about. It is very common in Dachshunds. One of my boys had the same thing. I just can't think of the name right now. Are little pieces of hair coming off in tiny clumps? It is almost like part of the ear itself is coming off. This may not be it, but it is the first thing that came to mind. I almost want to say acanthosis, but I know that isn't it. You should probably talk to your vet. If it is what I'm thinking of, they can give you some medicine that will fix it easy.

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Thanks for the response! Yes, that happened a bit about 3 months back - scared me seeing clumps of hair coming off of her. We dialed back the frequency of baths a bit and started giving her the omega oil which has helped dramatically. Glad it sounds like it's easily treated. I'll give my vet a call on Monday.

Thanks again!


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It's probably scurf. All it is, is an accumulation of dead skin cells. It's a type of folliculitis. The tips of a dog's ears are prone to injury, and have limited blood supply at the very tip where you see it a lot. Basically, just clean the tips routinely with betadine solution, and scrape the dead cells away GENTLY with a scraping knife or flea comb when you see them. yes, it will scrape the hair off for a while, but eventually you can get it under control. Just be careful. the skin underneath is sensitive and you don't want to irritate it further, but unless you have actual sores there, oral anitibiotics won't do much.

WE don't really know what causes it, but it's seasonal so allergies and yeasts are on the top of the list. Tag gets them on his floppy ear, and i was worried about mange too because he came from the pound, but it was just this mildly annoying problem

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My longhair doxie gets this underneath all his hair on the ears. The vet told me to try selsun blue and to not scrub wash very gently, it seemed to help. He also does better on a bit higher protein and fat content food like Wellness Core, Horizon Legacy, TOTW high prairie, or Canidae GF salmon.
I also started adding Prozyme a probiotic and enzyme blend a few mos ago and after two months he looks way better in general. I thought the stuff was kinda costly but it is VERY longlasting. I am using it on my scottie's food too and it helped her dandruff.

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Not being able to see it first hand is tough, a vet visit would be in order to get an accurate diagnosis.

That said, it sounds a lot like ear margin vasculitis to me. Although all breeds can get it, doxies are particularly prone.

Fynny has this and although a bit bothersome to me, it doesn't seem to bother him at all. Vet explained it as the tips of the ears just aren't getting enough blood flow to them, which causes some of the layers of skin to thicken, die and then slough off. We've treated it with Protopic before, which was supposed to help improve circulation and help the skin heal, but didn't see much in the way of results.

If that's what it is absolutely do NOT go scrubbing away it or scraping off the scales or thickened parts with any sort of tools. Doing anything other than cleansing gently can open up the skin to infection. Because the tissue is already fragile due to the poor circulation even a minor infection could easily turn into losing a chunk of a dogs ear. Or at least that's what my vet told us. I gently wipe clean during regular bathing, and about once a week I massage baby oil into the spots to soften up the bigger scales and get the blood really flowing to the area.

Hope that helps!!!
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I thought something was wrong with Daisy's ears...then I realized her ears hang in the food bowl and get crusty. LOL

It could take clumps of her fur off too.

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Hello my name is amamda... I have the same problem with my two dogs a father and son... The hair around
The edges of their ear looks like someone let white glue dry on the hair folicals but the hair falls out in clumbs... I love petting their soft ear fur and sometime me just petting makes it fall out...umm they are Australian shep mixes... So how do i gp about treating this? I hope i did not hurt them when i pulled all that away scrubed with a bath and have been rubbing baby oil on them bc i just thought it was dry skin it seems to have helped tho... Any other ideas out their? Oh and it does not itch and does not bother them and not hot to the touch... These guys are my kids i want them better! Thank you for reading