My dog's breath literally smells like garbage! HELP!

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Hey guys! Our dog has severe allergies and is on atopica in order to keep them under control. I don't know if its the drugs or what but her breath smells RANCID! WHAT CAN I DO?!?! Her teeth look perfectly clean!

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Use Petzlife oral care gel to reduce odor-causing bacteria in the mouth and prevent tartar buildup.
If that doesn't solve the problem, then perhaps she has a broken tooth or other infection that needs to be addressed.
Leah, CGC

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Bad breath is not a side effect of atopica however in some cases gingival hyperplasia may be. This is a overgrowth of gingival tissue that may trap bacteria causing a "rancid" smell. This growth will be very obvious like this -->Gingival Hyperplasia pictures

Otherwise bad breath can be caused by excessive skin licking, foreign material stuck between teeth and gums, oral ulcers and/or GI upset/acid reflux.

Bad breath is usually not a normal thing for dogs and should be brought to your vets attention at the next appointment so that they can do a full dental/oral exam. Even if the teeth appear clean they can still have underlying disease especially if they have been broken from excessive chewing. Some dogs benefit from daily oral cleansing with an oral wash such as this one-->Novaldent Oral Rinse

I would not start treating until a vet has examined the oral cavity.


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I am a human health care professional, not an animal one, but I can give my thoughts. Bad breath in the absence of an obvious oral issue can be indicative of another health problem. Has anyone ever smelled "Neuro breath?" Ick. From personal experience, my sister had a dog that had terrible breath practically her whole life. One could smell this dog's rotton breath from across the room. The dog seemed outwardly healthy. For some unknown reason, this dog was never spayed. She was never pregnant. At about 6 years old, she developed pyometra (sp?), and had emergency surgery. She recovered fully from it, and her breath never stunk again.
Not trying to scare you, just giving my thoughts and experience.