dog stomach rumbling

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Barked: Sun Oct 3, '10 11:34am PST 
I woke up this morning and the dog did go to the bathroom. He has puked a couple times all day (with grass in it). I haven't seen him eat hard food, or the soft i recently brought out to try and coax him.

His stomach was rumbling here and there for a while, till i suck a bit of food on his tongue to try and see if that would work. He still loves his belly being rubbed. You could feel it, like when you have gas in your stomach.

His nose is dry so i know that may be why he isn't eating (cause he can't smell it?) He does have worms (de-worming tomorrow, has tapeworm, as they are small and white), the worms are small and white and come out in his stools (not puke). He is 5 months old.

I will be taking him to a vet tomorrow, if he hasn't eaten, i am just looking to see if anyone has had this happen to them as well.

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He probably just doesn't feel good. His belly is full of worms.

If his stomach is rumbly and he's throwing up he may also have a stomach virus.

Its a good thing to go to the vet and get him dewormed tomorrow. Many times after a deworming dogs have some upset stomach and/or diarrhea so it may take a few days for him to be eating again.