Dog's skin is turning black!

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My dog's skin is turning black on the underside on his legs and across his belly. The skin everywhere else on his body is still pink. I asked my Vet about it and he told me it was "nothing to worry about". It doesn't seem like a normal thing to me, so I am starting to worry about it. Does anyone know what could cause this?

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Sun exposure is the main thing that will blacken skin. When we put the adult pattern on a white poodle their back legs and loin get shaved. Within a day or two of going in the sun that skin will become black.
Also, my Chinese cresteds have no hair and have pink skin all Winter but as soon as the jackets come off in the Spring they will have totally black skin.
Nothing to worry about in either case. It is the reaction of the skin pigment to the increased light, much like our skin tanning.

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Could be clogged pores/blackheads or an indication of a thyroid condition or Black Skin disease...could be a lot of things.

If it's concerning to you speak up to your vet. Ask them to explain to you WHY they're deeming it no big deal. You are your dogs best and likely only health advocate. If somethings not sitting right with you you need to push the vet to explore it further until you do feel right with what's going on.


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Kato is a big sunbather. He'll lay out in the middle of the yard on a 90 degree sunshiny day. He has no fur in his groin area, and that area is much darker, almost black. Oh, and he likes to lay on his back, spread eagle.laugh out loud
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A vet once told me this could be a sign of thyroid disease. I have no idea if this is true. thinking

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I think it's normal. When Ava was just a little puppy her muzzle was pretty much all pink skin under the white fur. Now it's mostly black with just a small splotch of pink that is still very slowly filling in even at more than a year old. I've watched it change since she was tiny, and I think by the time she's 2 or 3 the skin of her muzzle will be solid black under white fur. smile I think its to do with sun exposure to areas where the fur isn't thick enough to protect the skin from sun. It's like a natural sun block.

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I think Cushing's disease causes darkened skin, but I'm sure that's not the only symptom you would see.