Dog and Cat Ear Problems: Ear Mites or Ear Yeast Infection Solution

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Dog and Cat Ear Problems: Ear Mites or Ear Yeast Infection?

Are cat or dog's ears red and inflamed, itchy, shaking their head, rubbing their ears, smelly, etc

Is there lots of black stuff in the ears?
If black stuff is in the ears, that usually indicates
Ear Mites.

If red & inflamed or smelly ears, that usually indicates an
Ear Yeast Problem.

Both must be treated asap. Have your vet check to see
if it is a ear mite problem or ear yeast problem?


If it is a Ear Mite Problem, you can buy Dog Ear Mite Medicine (or for
cats Cat Ear Mite Medicine) over the counter for around $5 at pet shops, online,
or from your vet. Treat ear mites from the bottle recommendation,
usually clean with ear mite cleaner & treat with ear mite medicine daily for a month to kill all the ear mites.


If it is a Ear Yeast Infection, buy from your vet - ear yeast
prescription drops, around $30. Use those for 2-3 weeks or till empty.

Then ears are usually healed when no longer red and inflamed and they
are no longer shaking their head constantly or rubbing their ears


TO MAINTAIN HEALTHY HEALED EARS. Easy and cheap natural solution that works.

Buy a gallon of WHITE VINEGAR for about $2-$3 at
walmart/target/kmart/grocery store.
Pour white vinegar in a squeeze bottle,
like a travel bottle in cosmetics dept at walmart or catchup bottle in
picnic dept , squeeze vinegar in ears once a week or more, fill the entire ear
with vinegar, then let them shake their head, then do the other ear.
That will keep ears yeast free, infection free, dry, and will kill any
fleas in the ears too.

Floppy ears have to be maintained weekly on
many dogs.
Treat daily with vinegar after dogs swim, are out in the rain, or get a bath.

Non floppy ear dogs ears can be treated every other week with
vinegar, also works on cats ears. I use on one of my cat's ears, as he
has a yeasty ear problem till we started him on a regiment of vinegar in
the ears, now his cat ears are always healthy & dry and clean

Always treat ears with vinegar after swimming and after a bath
or after walking in the rain. Anytime the ears get wet, treat ears with
vinegar to kill the yeast that will grow fast in wet ears.

Prevention is the best cure and your pet will be happier with healthy ears and you'll
save lots in vet bills over the years by keeping the ears dry and healthy with natural
white vinegar weekly or use daily in the humid summer months.


My dog had lots of ear problems in the beginning when I didn't know
anything, even though I cleaned them weekly with the vet stuff that was
expensive and diluted so it didn't work very well on a water dog.

And traditional vets will not tell you about vinegar because they want to sell you the expensive
stuff. And vets want your dog to have constant ear problems, because
they make like a $100 for the vet visit, charging you for cleaning out
the ears, and selling you the prescription ear medicine. Once we were
told about the vinegar from the pet rescue, to use on both dogs and
cats weekly, my dog & cat has never had any more ear problems again,
for 6 years, as long as ears are treated weekly with vinegar, and daily
when my dog swims or after a bath. Vinegar has kept my dog very happy
with ears that never bother him and saved me so much money. Holistic
Vets do recommend vinegar for maintaining healthy ears. But traditional
vets do not recommend it because it is not financially beneficial to


Hope this helps. This has been an excellent solution for us and many
other dog/cat lovers.
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My on two separate occasions both of my dogs had a lot of "black stuff" in her ears and it was a yeast infection, not ear mites.
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If your dogs ears are always gunky try adding RAW APPLE CIDER VINEGAR to the food. It helped Brodie sooo much.. I was amazed


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Just a friendly reminder.. you almost ALWAYS have to be seen by your veterinarian before they prescribe anything for you( i.e ear drops that were mentioned in the beginning of this thread.) Also it's best to go to your vet to see exactly what's going on.

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Ear mites in dogs are pretty rare. Cats a little more common, but thats the last thing I would worry about if there were dark debris in my dogs ears. I'd be thinking infection!!