dislocated hip

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I do not know anything about a dislcated hip, but a friend has a small dog about 6 lbs and I think he has a dislacted hip. She can't afford to pay for surgerey so she does not want to take the dog to the vet. frown I'm trying to convince her to do it.

How much do you think the vet bill will be? When i wake up tomorrow morning I'm going to call around and find find out how much x ray's cost. Any other questions I should be asking the vets? Basically my friends argument is; what's the point in taking the dog in when she can afford the vet visit and the x ray but can't afford the surgery. She'll know for sure what the problem is but can't fix it.

The dog seems to be in NO pain. Even when I touch and move the leg around he's fine. he's just hopping around on three legs. Do you know what will happen if the dog does not get this fixed? Will the dogs just get use to walking one three legs?

I know i sound extremly ignorant, but I don't know enough about dislocated hips and what to do about a dog limping.

edit... dislocated not dislacted frown

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Toto, CD, RN, CGC

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A dislocated hip is extremely painful, to the point where the dog is screaming in pain so I would suspect your probably wrong on your diagnose. Which brings us to the point of having the dog examined by a vet... there could be any number of things wrong... luxating patella comes to mind first to me, and while surgery may be indicated in some of these, it is not necessarily the recommended treatment for them all. If it WAS a dislocated hip, the initial treatment is not surgery, it is to pop the hip back into the socket and see if it will stay there on it's own, which many times will happen.
Part of owning a pet is the responsibility to have it taken care of when something is wrong. Failing to do that is not only morally wrong, it is against the law in most states!!!!!!

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I'm with Toto.

A dislocated hip will be very apparent. Being that the pup is a small dog and you mentioned limping around with no apparent pain, I'd suspect a luxated patella.

Not all LPs need to be fixed with surgeries (Lilith's were) but given that the minor grades of LP have the knee pop out and then back in without manipulation, I would suspect that if the dog has been limping on its leg constantly, it isn't a minor grade. If it does happen to be LP permanently luxated at grade 4, surgery remains a likely must.

Have your friend take the dog to the vet. At the least a firm diagnosis can give your friend an idea of what fixes she's looking at and how much she has to save up for it.

If it does happen to be LP, I would also have your friend contact the dog's breeder.


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A past dog we had, Mandy the toy poodle, when she started to get up there in age would start to hold up a back leg. I would take my finger tips and rub her hips and could feel the hip pop back into place. She would never cry out in pain, just wouldn't use the leg. I got really good at it. She also got really good at holding her leg up for me to rub her. Not always was it out of place. I do have to wonder if she was starting to feel issues and just want to be rubbed. She sure could play us. I miss her but she will be at the bridge waiting for me.

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Thank you so much! after calling the vets and having them tell me that surgery is very unlikely and after showing my friend you advice she has decided to wait a week and if it does not get better she will take her dog in to see the vet. This is still better than not going in at all. big grin