Swelling and PUNCTURE WOUNDS....help :(

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Tyson Savage- CGC

Let's do big dog- stuff!
Barked: Sat Jul 3, '10 9:53pm PST 
Tyson and Eden (my roommate's pit/bull mastiff) really got into it today. They are BEST buddies and love on each other 99% of the time, but every so often they have dominance spats. Well, this time they really got each other good. When it started I actually lifted Eden up (he's underweight...about 75 pounds right now) and I couldn't shake Ty off. Then tried to use my body to pry them apart, but to no avail. Tyson had Eden's face in his mouth and Eden had Ty's loose neck skin, and unfortunately for E, Ty's undercoat kept releasing so he couldn't get a good hold while Ty really lashed out. I had to beat them both over the head with a hula hoop to break it up.

It was awful. They were obviously not trying to kill each other, but this was bad. Eden is limping REALLY bad and his leg is very swollen, and he has a few extreme puncture wounds that I put antibiotics on, but they are so deep I can't be sure I got all the way in there. Tyson isn't as bad, but he has a swollen puncture on his leg too. He stopped limping about two hours ago...Eden's is getting worse. I was wondering if I could give him an Ibuprofen to help with the swelling, and if there is anything else I could do to prevent infection besides standard cleaning and and antibiotic ointment.

Eden is recovering from getting really sick because of raw salmon, so I'm especially worried about him. He's 40 pounds underweight, has a shot immune system, and wasn't fed or loved like my dogs were to make him big and strong.

The thing is, instantly after the tussle they both started licking one another's wounds and tail wagging and such. I separated them as soon as I caught my breath of course, but they really HATE not being together and are both scrunched up sniffing under the door and whining. I wan't them to take it easy for now, but Eden sleeps in my room because they cuddle so I am going to have to open it eventually.

SO, in short:
-Nobody needs to see a vet, so don't suggest that yet
-Ways to prevent infection
-Ibuprofen; to give or not to give?
-What else should I do for their health?
...This being the Health forum, I don't wan't to turn this into a behavior and training topic.

Code name:- Farmcollie
Barked: Sat Jul 3, '10 10:02pm PST 
No ibuprofin...it is extremely dangerous for dogs & cats.

Sorry, I don't have any advice otherwise; never had an experience like that.

Shoulda been a- lap dog...
Barked: Sat Jul 3, '10 10:13pm PST 
Look for heat, excess swelling, noticable pain, and pus from the puncture wounds. This could indicate infection.

Also, try to keep the wounds clean and free of debris. You can wrap some gauze loosely around the punctures to help with this if needed.

I'm not sure what kind of antibiotics you're giving, but you can always call ur vet office and ask whether or not they recommend a certain schedule for giving them (like, if you should continue to give them for 10 days, for example) and for any other advice. hug

Tyson Savage- CGC

Let's do big dog- stuff!
Barked: Sun Jul 4, '10 8:38am PST 
Noted on the Ibuprofen. Thanks.

Im giving the topical ointment...I don't have anything else. Eden is still limping and you can feel things moving around inside the swelling so I'm worried it's getting infected. I guess I'll call the ol' vet up and see if they can recommend something for me.
Dennis- FDCH-S,- TFIII

I love agility- and flyball!
Barked: Sun Jul 4, '10 8:45am PST 
My vet told me that puncture wounds are notorious for getting infected because the bacteria can get deep inside the wound where you can't reach to clean it out. Warm compresses can help to draw out toxins. Swelling can be a sign of infection, and one of the things that the vet will often do is to put in a drain if this happens. When Dennis had a puncture wound, the vet suggested oral antibiotics right away to reduce the risk of infection and swelling. I took Dennis to the vet within an hour, and the antibiotics and warm compresses were enough to prevent him from swelling up.

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Turner - Gone Too- Soon

Hi I'm Turner- Wanna Smell My- Butt?
Barked: Sun Jul 4, '10 9:13am PST 
The main thing is to keep the wound clean. Flush them out a few times. Soap and water work well, keep them clean - I like the gauze idea. Give them both a time out for a bit. So they can settle down and you can catch your breath. If the area becomes really red, hot and inflamed - time to see a dr. then the need for meds comes to play. Seems like it wasn't a big fight for them - just someone bit way too hard on one..... Good luck... Keep us posted....
Tyson Savage- CGC

Let's do big dog- stuff!
Barked: Sun Jul 4, '10 10:30am PST 
Eden's limping and swelling have both reduced...I was going to give Ty a bath today so perhaps the hot water will be good...and I'll find some wash clothes and sponge Eden up.

Here's them this morning.

As you can see they aren't mortal enemies!

Dont'- Shop..- Adopt!
Barked: Sun Jul 4, '10 9:04pm PST 
Just a suggestion to help clean the wounds. If you have a Walgreens or CVS near you (or any pharmacy store really) maybe pick up some "Wound Wash". All it is is saline solution. You spray it directly into the wound and it helps clean out any debris that may be in there and will wash the wound out so it can heal. It doesn't burn or anything of that nature.

We used it on our last pup Ghost when he had a good scrape on his hind leg and it never got infected. We just cleaned it three or four times a day with the "Wound Wash".

Small dogs can- have BIG jobs!
Barked: Sun Jul 4, '10 9:21pm PST 
Dogs carry pasturella in their mouths, so bite puncture wounds often get infected. Topical antibiotic cream will not fix that problem. Oral or injectable antibiotics will. Take your dogs to the vet.
Tyson Savage- CGC

Let's do big dog- stuff!
Barked: Sun Jul 4, '10 9:36pm PST 
Radar, I to have a CVS and will stop by tomorrow.

Bryon, you overestimate my vet. Up here, you want to avoid the vet! Anyway, puncture wounds scare me most, and I have cleaned them and both dogs are scabbed over with no swelling. Honestly, if I called my vet and said "My dogs might have infected puncture wounds" she would have told me to buy cans of Hills Science diet or something. I can't wait to move! When I took my cat in for his broken leg, they neutered him. My vet is the best vet around, and I feel like crying because of it.

So swelling is down, limping is gone, and Eden is finally gaining weight, Thank you everyone!
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