Scabs and hair loss everywhere on skin - Help!!

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Barked: Mon Jun 28, '10 6:42am PST 
I have a 5 year old Min Pin who suddenly started having scabs pop up all over her sides, back and stomach. They start as raised scaly areas, turn into a scab and then flake of off, hair and all. I've been to the vet and they did a fungal culture which was negative, although the spots did glow slightly w/ the UV light. I'm still bathing her in KetoChlor shampoo several times a week, but it doesn't seem to be helping either. They don't know what it is, and have pretty much come to the conclusion that it could be a food allergy for lack of a better diagnosis. The spots don't seem to itch her and she's healthy otherwise, but the hair loss is getting worse and new bumbs/scabs are still popping up every day. I changed her food from Blue Buffalo Small Bites to Blue Buffalo Fish and Potato about 3 weeks ago, but still haven't seen any improvement. She uses a litter box and stays inside most of the time. I have been letting her out onto our back porch more in the afternoons, but she hasn't been in the grass. Has anyone ever seen this before?

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Barked: Mon Jun 28, '10 6:52am PST 
It also could be an inhalant allergy or even an allergy to flea bites... Right now it is heavy pollen season in a lot of places--lots of pups are allergic to cedar, pollen, and even dustmites. If it gets out of control, you might want to consider Varl Liquid Gold Allergy Testing, which will give you a comprehensive listing of what exactly is causing your pups itches.

Otherwise, here are some ways to help allergies:
-change air filters in house frequently
-wash bedding in free and clear detergent frequently
-an air purifier
-vacuum with a hepafilter
-wiping paws with a solution of 50% ACV/50% water when coming in from outside
-diligent indoor cleaning
-lots of people swear by raw feeding. My girl is less itchy since I made the switch
-I use resicort leave in conditioner after I bathe her when she is really bad--it has cortizone in it which helps her itchies
-fish oil/salmon oil in food, which helps inflammation and makes the skin less dry
-Benadryl given multiple times daily during bad periods. I have gotten better results using Clemastine though, which lasts 12 hours and is super cheap on Amazon--it's a generic for tavist, I believe.

My pup had BALD spots from itchies when she lots her puppy coat, and solid gold seameal added to her food was a godsend. She started having hair regrowth within 5 days.

I hope this helps. Feel better!

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Barked: Mon Jun 28, '10 7:19am PST 
Often a problem like that comes from the inside, out. So what goes in is causing the skin trouble on the outside. It isn't always allergies either. Here's something else to consider:
Think out of the box and look at something that many vets don't recognize (well, holistic ones do). Candida overgrowth (yeast)! Take a look at these websites. The information is eye opening. Is it allergies or is it yeast?
http: //www.thewholedog.org/ArtYeast.html
http://www.natural-dog-health-r emedies.com/dog-yeast-infections.html#symptoms

This is the program that my friend used to clear up her dog's yeast overgrowth.
http://www.nzymes.com/Articles/dog_or_cat_yeast_candida_prob lems.htm


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Barked: Mon Jun 28, '10 8:39am PST 
You may not see much of a difference with the diet for up to 12 weeks, that is how long it can take sometimes. Do you have a doggie dermatologist specialist near you? I would suggest that since this sounds like a pretty severe case of whatever is going on. For my chihuahuas allergies she is on a limited ingredient diet, takes benadryl twice a day, and salmon oil. That seems to keep her in check, as well as once weekly baths. Do they have her on any type of anti-fungal just in case it may be ringworm or something like that? My kitties fungal cultures were negative, yet they glowed slightly on the wood's lamp. We have my kitties going through the ringworm battle right now and it's a pain in the patootie! It started with a foster kitten who pretty much lost the majority of the hair on her body, it would scab up and then she lost the hair. It's been about a month and she is finally starting to re-grow hair although a different tabby pattern is emerging on her than she had before. Which is odd but we are just happy she's regrowing hair.

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Barked: Mon Jun 28, '10 8:43am PST 
It can take up to 12 weeks for a new diet to take effect and help clear up allergies.
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Barked: Mon Jun 28, '10 2:54pm PST 
I am not sure if this was mentioned about the Organic Raw Apple Cid Vinegar. But, try adding a spoonful to the food or water daily. It has bunches of benefits.
Also for food allergy the ONLY food I have found that helped Brodie is a very limited ingred diet. He eats NB sw potato and fish.

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Barked: Tue Jun 29, '10 10:14am PST 
My person had a black lab mix once and she had a similar problem.Scabs and hair loss all over her body. It turned out to be a bacterial infection. Antibiotics cured it up in a couple of weeks. This dog lived in the water trough. She apparently got an opportunistic bacterial infection due to irritation her skin by being wet all of the time.

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Barked: Tue Jun 29, '10 10:31am PST 
My miniature dacshund skid started having the same problem after he was bitten by a water moccasin.. I changed his shampoo to Sulfodene medicated shampoo. It contains charcol similar to the ingredients in dandruff shampoo. Its worked wonders. He still occasionally gets the bald spots but within days of using the shampoo his hair grows back. good luck and i hope your puupy gets better soon.cheer

Barked: Tue Jun 29, '10 10:40am PST 
"Has anyone seen this before?"

If it's what I'm thinking it is I sure have. And it's got nothing to do with allergies inside or out. It's an inherited autoimmune skin disease specifically affecting a handful of breeds -miniature pinschers included- called Sebaceous Adenitis. Fynny struggled with it for a time but luckily his stayed more localized on his ears and melon.

Here's more information for you:
http://www.runningridge.com/pages/Sebaceous%20Adenitis%20or%20 Alopecia.htm

Barked: Wed Jul 14, '10 9:43am PST 
I took her to a different vet a couple of weeks ago, and he thought it was most likely a staph infection on her skin. After starting the antibiotics, she hasn't had anymore "scabs" come up and her skin seems to be less flaky. She's still on the fish and potato food and treats, but I really think it was a staph infection instead of a food allergy. He said some dogs just have more sensitive skin, and she's been prone to all sorts of ailments that haven't bothered our other dog at all, so I tend to believe him.

I also found out while she was at the vet that she needs her ears cleaned out as well, so tomorrow she's going in to be sedated, ears cleaned out and maybe teeth cleaned too. Poor thing just can't catch a break!!
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