Reapplying Frontline Plus after 3.5 weeks.

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I've been having a big problem with ticks this year, and apparently so has a lot of other people in the area because the stores I went to were out of the flea/tick prevention that I wanted. So, because of that, I had to order a packet online, and I just received it today.

I am going on vacation over the 4th of July weekend. I am bringing Kato with me. We will be in a heavily forested area with all sorts of creepy crawlies, and I want to make sure he is fully protected when we go up there. However, we're also having a bit of a tick problem here at home.

So, naturally, I'd want to protect him as soon as possible. But if I apply it now, it may "wear out" around the time of vacation or it may be "ending its shift of protection".

I really don't know how these things work or how quickly they fade. It's says to reapply monthly.shrug

If I apply it today, I'd technically need to reapply it the day after we get home from vacation. I don't know, but that kind of seems to be cutting it close.

Should I wait a week or two and then apply it? Should I apply it now and reapply after a month and would the protection last long enough to go through the 4th of July weekend and keep him fully protected? Would I be ok to apply it now and then reapply a day or two before we leave for vacation even though that's technically less than a month?
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We are so thick with ticks that we apply from 3.5 weeks 'till 4 weeks. Because I bath Turner once or twice a month I don't think it will be a problem putting it on a little early. The cheapest prices I've found on Frontline Plus are at Drs. Foster and Smith website. If you have ticks at the house by all means put it on. If it is due while on vaca I would put it on again before I left. Better safe than sorry. Ticks are such nasty boogers!!
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I believe, though not 100% sure, that it works by killing the fleas/ticks within 48 hours of application - so use that timeline to figure out when to dose.

Right now our foster is being treated for demodex mites and is applied with promeris every 3 weeks. I think 3.5-4 weeks with Frontline Plus won't do much harm, but maybe double check with your vet?

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You can apply up to every 3 weeks for frontline and every 2 weeks for advantix. Sometimes more frequent application actually makes it work better as the follicles harbor more of the medication and concentration becomes slightly higher helping to be more effective in preventing fleas and killing ticks

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Please don't use Frontline! You are poisoning your dog. I use Diatomaceous Earth with great results.

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3.5 weeks , should be no problem

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That's good to know. I just didn't want to overdo it. This is my first time using these products. I try to avoid using them if I can, but it's just too bad this year.

Anything that kills another critter when it ingests it is poisonous. I don't like using these products, but I'd rather use them then have a higher chance of my dogs contracting some disease from these ticks. Not to mention they don't enjoy me pulling ticks off of them as it's not fun for either of us.

A side question though...I already used 1 dose on Sanka the other day, and I'm wondering if it's normal for the application spot to stay wet for longer than a day. I did as the instructions told. Made sure to apply it to the skin, not the fur, and only in 1 spot between the shoulder blades. But The 1 spot is still wet or oily from the application. Is this normal or ok? Did I just do a sloppy job on applying it?laugh out loud
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Frontline usually leaves a oily residue and it will last for days at a time. The medication in that residue is minimal. To help avoid that and also help more medication get on the skin and therefore work better try applying in multiple places instead of just one. I like to apply it in different places about 1/2 to 1 inch apart from one an another. This allows more medication to get on the skin and less to wick up the hair. The stuff that wicks up the hair is no longer working IE the more on the skin the better this product works!

Also I mentioned this on another thread but make sure you are leaving 36-48 hours prior to or after any bathing or swimming when applying topical flea and tick meds. This medication requires the natural skin oils and if they are stripped will not work as well

As far as other options - in very dense flea and tick populated areas I don't like risking the health of my pet to parasites like fleas and ticks. Prior to these topical medications I had one to many flea infestrations that were scary and potentially deadly. As we all know bubonic plague and other deadly/dangerous disease are spread by these parasites and personally I do not trust a product that is not gaurenteed to work and shown effective through scientific testing. That is my $0.02 and I will get off the soapbox for the rest of the season....