Coughing / Choking / Hacking

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Lola &- Hunter

Barked: Fri May 21, '10 6:42am PST 
My 2 year old chocolate Labrador Retriever has been coughing and choking and hacking for a few days now. When she does this, nothing comes up. It sounds as though she is about to get something up and she puts her mouth close to the floor as though she thinks shes about to spit something up, but nothing comes out. She is one of those dogs who will eat anything that she finds. I have noticed that she has been eating bird seed off the ground from under the bird feeder. Also, we had someone at the house who was eating pistachio nuts, and when they dropped the shells on the floor, they let her eat them. Could it be possible that she still has a shell or bird seed stuck in her throat or that she is allergic to the bird seed? Or is there something else going on? How long should I wait to bring her to the vet, and what serious signs should I look for?

Daddy's Lil Girl
Barked: Fri May 21, '10 7:57am PST 
I would go to the vet asap. Coughing is one of the first and only signs of heart troubles. Heart failure, fluid buildup and even heartworms cause coughing fits.

Now, one of my dogs reverse sneezes occasionally, which we generally ignore. However, if the pitch or duration of the air passage changes significantly, we double check at the vet. What's an office visit vs. peace of mind?
Leah, CGC

All the Beauty- with none of the- Brains
Barked: Fri May 21, '10 8:52am PST 
Infectious Tracheal Bronchitic (ITB) often presents itself in this way. Commonly people call this "Kennel Cough" but that is a common name for many different infectious upper respiratory diseases.

Check out this link for more info ITB or KC