Drinks lots of water and pees tons

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Dink is my parent's dog she is about 13 or 15 years old I forgot which, but she is starting to show her age slowing down not playing as much and only wants to go on walks once a day.

The past week she has been having problems holding her urine we take her outside five times in the morning and she pees a lot.

She drinks a lot of water ever since she was a puppy or young adult she did so she had to have an health issue or something sadly my parent's thought it was just normal.

Now she is old she can't hold her urine like I've said and she has been peeing in the house a ton.

Thanks to my dad we are in dept from all his spending and buying things we don't need right now.

My poor mom wanted not to get another puppy once Dink was taken to the vet well my dad didn't care and got Bella anyways he is the usual impulse buyer buys a dog and doesn't consider the cost of the puppies vet bills, toys, food, training classes.

Oh man he'd complain constantly on how expensive shots and the dog's food is so expensive. It'd make me so mad he's like this.

I love Bella she is an awesome boxer and our first that actually loose leash walks and heels, but I would have rather waited on getting a boxer pup till Dink was taken to the vet to get a full diagnostic on what is wrong with her.

Would this product help her for now till we get her to the vet?

Would Proin help?

She can hold it well at night, but during the day she is in and out constantly and if she doesn't go out she pees on the carpet.

What type of pet urine spray would work the best? I think the one my parent's have doesn't work as well. I dunno..

I feel sorry for the poor old dog my dad gets so angry at her for peeing and some of the times is his fault for not taking her out he just ignores her.

He always says she needs to be put to sleep, but she isn't in pain yet she gets up and down fine and even sometimes plays with her toys or on her walks sometimes she is even up front of my mom and not at her side or behind her so she still is a happy dog.

Especially once we switched her from beneful to wellness core.

Would diapers work out for the times we have to leave for groceries? Like I posted earlier my dad rather watch TV or go on his lab top than do anything with Dink or Bella..

I need to find a solution for her till we can get enough money for her to be checked out I wished my parent's took her to the vet to be checked out for her excessive thirst when she was young..

She doesn't leak small bits of urine she actually pees sounds like a faucet when she does.

I've heard of proin would this help does this have side effects?
Sorry for the long rant. red face
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Hi, I am sorry you are having to deal with so many issues beyond the normal aging of your pup.
Urinating a lot and drinking a lot (polyuria/polydipsia) can be signs of a few medical problems such as aging kidneys or kidney failure, diabetes, hypothyroid just to name a few.
It would be wise to get some blood work done and look at her total body function to rule out problems. You do not want to give her medications such as ppa for incontinence if you do not have that diagnosis.
We try very hard to work with our clients and understand that at times financially they cannot afford all the necessary tests to rule out problems. Be up front with your vet, tell them what is going on with your pup and your financial situation, hopefully your vet will be able to work it all out for you.
We will be sending pup prayers your way.dog

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I agree, excessive peeing is one of the main symptoms of doggie diabetes. You need to get Dink into the vet pronto for a full blood work up. Nothing else will help him stop he needs a diagnosis from a vet.