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Barked: Mon May 10, '10 8:03am PST 
after much debating, i bought First shield trio yesterday for the dogs. ive been afraid to use flea drops after hearing of so many bad reactions, but especially with mugens flea allergy im going to have to. i researched it a bit today and found that its active ingredient is permethrins, and that it is more commonly associated with reactions, so now im almost afraid to use the stuff! that and the fact that it has association with Hartz, which i will NEVER use...i dont *THINK* any of my dogs have ever had an adverse reaction to flea treatments, but im still afraid of it. anyone know anything about it?

Barked: Wed May 12, '10 9:09am PST 
My advice is DON'T USE IT !! I used it on my pet Molli (11 year old rat terrier) on Sunday 5/9/10. She ended up with permethrin poisoning. Basically she turned into a psycho dog, she was running circles around the house, trying to get out and not responding to her own name. She ran out the door when it was opened and it was over an hour before she was caught again. It was as if she was running away from something and nothing was chasing her. She was bathed in dawn after I caught her and since she was still having trouble standing and walking, we went to the emergency vet. She was given atropine and muscle relaxer. They shaved the spot the treatment was applied and gave her another bath. This is day 3 after the application and I am still trying to get the side affects from this topical flea treatment to go away. So,NO - DO NOT USE THE FIRST SHIELD TRIO !!

crazy boy
Barked: Fri Nov 12, '10 9:56pm PST 
DO not buy First shield I bought for my dog Rocco maltese/boston terier he has been lethargic and has been non responsive he use to be very active and hyper after applying he just seats and lickes his mouth like he is thrusty.I give him a bath to remove it I fell bad That I would apply this.Its Bad stuff stay away even the review calls it a bad stuff. Bad on Banfield for saling it as a good product.


Barked: Sun Nov 21, '10 5:59am PST 
My dogs were given First Shield Trio at Banfield. When the vet brought them out she said "oh yah, I forgot to ask, do you have a cat?" I said yes. She said, "Oh, oops we forgot to ask that. If I had know we would of used something safe for cats. Well, you will have to keep them separated because this is harmful to cats and could cause seizures." I am very scared now, my cat and dogs are all friends and cuddle buddies. Now my poor cat has been banished to the basement for a few days. Needless to say I am not pleased with Banfield and First Shield Trio.

Here's to hoping all will be ok

Barked: Sun Mar 13, '11 10:06pm PST 
My wife and I applied FS Trio to our Chihuahua as directed and for the weight listed on the medicine. My wife works in the animal care field and would never apply medicine without fully reading the information on the packaging and/or talking to those in the field. HOWEVER, we had a horrible experience with this product. Within the first 1-2 hours of application, Papi began rubbing his face violently on the carpet. Within the next few hours, he would lay on the ground by himself (he is a lap dog and always stays close to or directly on our laps when he is chilling out) then suddenly bolt with a quickness. He would race through the house in circles and once raced directly into the wall. He refused to eat his favorite food (fresh baked chicken), drink water, or take a pee. We ended up having to take him to a vet when he started becoming warmer than usual and began to develop muscle spasms in his back right leg. It would kick out like a horse or cow being branded for no apparent reason. Both forward and backwards. Now he hobbles around the house, unable to properly use his legs and is in a constant feverish state. The vets said that this was NOT due to the medicine, but I'm reading and hearing all of these stories that are the same. Be warned. Our little guy is not the same now. frown

Barked: Mon Mar 14, '11 12:57am PST 
I've heard nothing but bad stuff about that First Shield stuff. I wouldn't use it even if it were the last flea med available. (I don't regularly treat for fleas anyways but I still wouldn't use it.)

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Barked: Fri May 25, '12 9:52am PST 
We have 2 dogs ( one male and one female ) they are Alaskan Malamutes and I started useing First Shield Trio on them when they were about 6 months old. The male (Harley) is now 16 months old and the female (Shila) is 10 months old. We have never had any problem with the medication, no side effects even though we were warned by our vet that there may be some, as is the case with any medication. I just thought I would post and let people know, I hope that all of your pup's are okay though.

Barked: Mon Jul 2, '12 4:38am PST 
I know this is a little lengthy, please bare with me...
I would like to address the complaints I read regarding this medication. Please notice that 99% of the complaints, not just on this site, about First shield Trio are coming from people who own dogs of a small bread. The main active ingredient is a very potent one. Hence why smaller breads have trouble. Yes there are some complaints from larger breads, but like people some dogs are going to be allergic to different things. Banfield should most definitely share this with their patients, however, this will not happen due to it being their own premier medication. This is a different issue entirely.
The second most popular issue appears to be people saying they have been using the product for a month, and that they still have a flea problem. Someone has mentioned this, but fleas are not just on your dog. They are in your home, car, etc. If you are only treating your dog, then it is going to take a few months at LEAST for the medicine to eliminate the fleas in your home, car, etc. Treat the other areas, once in the beginning, as well for a faster result.
The third main issue I read is that it takes a long time to dry. This is unfortunately very true. To completely dry it can take up to 24 hours. This is definitely a draw back. I apply in the morning, on a day where I can watch her, and by the next morning it is dry. Why do I do this when there are other options that dry faster?
I have a 55 pound American Staffordshire Terrier, or American Pitbull Terrier, and I used to use front-line. She would have flea itches occasionally, and this should be expected as the fleas must bite in order to die. I switched to First Shield Trio for this reason. My dog, Skyla, has been using it for 1 and a half years, and after having to deal with a single day out of my month to watch her and keep her from rubbing on things, she has ZERO and I mean ZERO flea issues. We play outside everyday, and I take her to the dog park once a week as well. It works extremely well!!! It works extremely well for larger breeds that is. If you have a dog 45-50 pounds or heavier, PLEASE do not let these reviews deter you from trying this medication. Watch him or her the first time to make sure there are no adverse allergic reactions, and I am supremely confident that you will find that the product works phenomenally well.

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Barked: Sat Jan 5, '13 7:29pm PST 
Skyla's owner is right; each dog is going to react differently. We have a 4-yr old dachshund, and he's never had any problems with First Shield Trio. We do make sure, because of the drying time, that he won't need to go outside for awhile, and we do it right after he's had a bath and is completely dry. Because he's so long, we put the medicine all the way down his back. Perhaps that helps it to not be so concentrated in one area, thus making it less uncomfortable than putting it all in one spot. Since dogs don't groom like cats do, they're not going to ingest it if it's right on the middle of their back. For those having problems, try spreading it out like that more. It's been the best thing we've used for fleas; plus having the perimeter and inside of the house treated. We also have 3 cats, so for us this is a must for staying ahead of any problems.

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Barked: Sun Apr 7, '13 9:51am PST 
I would lie to.say I use first. Shields trio on all my dogs (4) and my cat (1)...NEVER HAD ANY PROBLEMS smile I was very, very reluctant to try it based on all problems reported., but works great and never any reactions. Previously I had always used k9 advantix II and decided to switch to firstshield trio for better coverage. All of my pets are small to medium size: 18 1/2 yrs old pug 20lbs, 17 yr old pug/beagle 26 lbs, 10 yR old cat 12 lbs, 7 yr old beagle 24 lbs and 6 Mo old jack Russell/beagle mix 20 lbs.

The only reaction I have ever seen is my dogs occasionally rub their backs on floor after app, but that is with all flea/tick products I've tried so I assume it itches/tingles...they never seem in pain. In addition, 2 of mine have epilepsy and 2 have renal failure... still no problems.

That said, I take all precautions with my cat bc the ingredients in firstshield for dogs can be fatal for cats. Directions say separate until product drys, I separate the cat from dogs for 72 hrs then bath the dogs to remove any lose flakes from coat just as an added precaution
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