Dog beds with cedar?

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Barked: Mon Apr 5, '10 5:05pm PST 

My mother-in-law bought us a dog bed from Costco and we picked it up from her yesterday. I immediately noticed it has a strong smell, so I looked it up on line and Costco dog beds have cedar chips/shavings in them.

Is this a concern? I am reading that cedar is toxic?? One of our dogs (Ziggy) has allergies, so I'd like to minimize her exposure to anything that might make them worse!
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Barked: Mon Apr 5, '10 5:17pm PST 
There's nothing wrong with Cedar. The cedar is in there to help with the smell, and it is also used to help repel fleas.

Sky over- Serengeti
Barked: Mon Apr 5, '10 5:30pm PST 
My vet suggested getting rid of the cedar bed when Sky started getting really itchy. As soon as we took it away, her itching stopped. So I'm not sure I'd recommend a cedar bed for a dog with allergies.

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Barked: Mon Apr 5, '10 5:35pm PST 
Maggie has pretty severe allergies...yet I use cedar products with her. It all depends on what the dog is allergic to.

Cedar is toxic if ingested, if you have a big bed eater probably not a good idea (but then again I wouldn't give the dog a bed anyways).

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Barked: Tue Apr 6, '10 5:19am PST 
I have allergies - when I let my breeder know she called me a few weeks later to report a puppy from another litter- (one different parent) is allergic to cedar- I do not have a cedar bed - my allergies are food related we think as we have switched food and used Bragg's ACV
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Barked: Tue Apr 6, '10 5:28am PST 
I know that cedar chips cause upper respiratory distress in small animals like puppies & guinea pigs...Not sure how cedar would affect an adult dog.confused
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Barked: Tue Apr 6, '10 5:50am PST 
We had a bed with cedar in it for all of a few days. It is a migraine trigger for my son and myself. I was shocked because it does smell better than the stuffed ones when a soggy wet puppers lays in it.

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Thanks, pups! I think we might donate the bed to a shelter - the cedar smell is too strong for me, so I'm guessing the dogs might not like it so much if their bodies and faces are pressed against it! I found a local woman who makes dog beds out of recycled fabrics and materials, and they are very cheap - so we'll stick with those for now. It's too bad, because the Costco bed is quite lovely and it was only $17!