Bright red blood in urine (lots of it).

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I had posted a few months ago about possibly putting my dog down. I had explained that she has been urinating in the house, which she had not done for years. She also has two torn ACLs in both legs and has a hard time walking until she gets going. Anyway, the urinating has gotten worse, to the point where a lot of the time she doesn't even bother to get off her dog bed, but pees there and sleeps on the opposite side. I came home from lunch today and again noticed she had urinated in the house in her usual spot on our laminate floors. However, this time there was a spot about the side of a tennis ball of bright red blood. I then took a napkin and touched her down there and it was indeed coming from her vaginal area. She is almost 12 1/2, and is the oldest English Bulldog my vet has had in his practice. I think it is time, but it has been such a tough decision. Neither my husband or myself have the courage to put her in the car and take her there. I feel so guilty. I took her to the vet a couple of weeks ago, and she has been on a very strong antibiotic for an upper respiratory infection she was having, so I feel if this was an infection it would have been taken care of by her antibiotic. Help.

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I would get her to your vet or at least call them;
you can't make any sort of a decision without knowing what might be wrong,
and whether it is fixable.

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It could be an infection (not all antibiotics cross the bladder barrier very well), it could be a tumor, it could be bladder stones or something like that. I would recommend a vet visit to determine the cause of the issues prior to making any decision.

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Honey please take her to the E vet. It might be her kidneys or something. We can't really tell you anything.
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hug talk to the vet asap!