Paw pad repair recovery.. any tips?

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Hi all, this past Tuesday, Tuki cut her paw pad on something mid morning. For the rest of the day when she walked, she'd leave little stampings of blood-- but it was not gushing or bleeding profusely.

I took her into the vet that day, 5:00pm was the earliest they had, and they ended up doing a surgery to suture the paw pad. They wrapped it up and the take home instructions say to take the wrap off Friday PM, which is later tonight (So the paw would have been wrapped for 3 days). They used self dissolving sutures.

The vet said I might need to bring her in after removing the wrap to get it re-wrapped to prevent licking.

But is 3 days long enough for the paw pad sutures to do a good job keeping things together? Will she be able to walk around in the grass etc. with no covering, and without danger of the cut opening up? What about running (I would try to prevent her from running)?

Sorry if these are silly questions, just never dealt with it before.

Thanks for any info.


edited to add: she was also put on antibiotic pills for this.

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Brodie Bear

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Gosh i don't know about some of those things.

May have to get an e collar if she bothers it though.
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When I was a kid, our dog cut her pad on some ice. It was a pretty bad cut - she lost a tiny edge of her pad completely. It bled A LOT. That makes me think that the cut on your dog wasn't too awfully bad and that 3 days may be all the time it needs with the suture's help.

Back then, vets were for dying cows only. We cleaned her foot, wrapped it in clean bandages and I put a sock over it all to keep her from messing with it too much. I think we repeated that every day for about a week and she healed up just fine. The only way you'd know after that was if you could see all four feet at once when she was lying down. One was just a bit off from the others, but it never bothered her.

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