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Barked: Sat Feb 27, '10 1:00pm PST 
It's definitely not a seizure, he just acts like he's scared. If I pet him or talk to him he'll stop momentarily. It's not an uncontrolled shaking. It's like a strong shiver.
When he's having a fit he won't even eat the treats, he just eats them later after he calms down. He'll take them, but he just spits them out.
So far the only things that will pause the fits is walking or really excited playing (like, I look like a freak whooping and jumping around with him). Something basic like tug toys don't do it, but fetching and wrestling seem to make him super happy. But then he goes right back into the fit as soon as we stop, even if we've been playing/walking for a while, then he just calms down later.

Is it possible that he's just got too much pent-up energy? Maybe I should walk him more often, or longer? He gets 2 long walks (10-20 minutes), morning and night, and a short walk mid-day (5-10). During the long walks there is a small field where he gets to run around in, the short walks are just around the complex where we live.

I'm beginning to think he's just super-anxious? He's always been very skiddish, and... well, a big scaredy-cat. It just seems to have gotten worse in the last few days.

He was freaking out big time when I got home, but while I typed this I've just been sitting with him and petting him and he's calmed down... falling asleep actually, haha. It doesn't always work, though :/

Barked: Wed Mar 3, '10 1:53pm PST 
I'm starting to think it's the anxiety/energy thing.

I found a dog park nearby and took him there and let him run around for 2 hours! He's been fine the whole day smile
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Barked: Wed Mar 3, '10 1:56pm PST 
Is there any way it is your home heater? Did you recently change the filters on the intake unit?

If so, listen... maybe there is a sound you ignore but scares the daylights out of Deebo?

Mickey is TERRIFIED of the heater. Thank goodness we have a woodstove. Mickey calls the heater the "Sky Dragon"... because its above him and breaths hot air on him.

If its just energy, why wouldn't he take the treats then? I sure hope that is the cause though! Easy to fix!big grin

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Hi, your dog's symptoms sound just like my lil Johnny... were you able to find a cause?
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