Support harness for bad back/hips?

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I have arthritis in my mid to low back. Chiropractic is helping, but it's not helping as much as it used to. I'll probably have to go on anti-arthritis meds soon. My doc also recommended that mommy get me a harness or sling soon to start getting me used to it.

Does anypup have suggestions?


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I see you are in our areawave Arcata pet store usually has this in the store, though the website says not in stock. That is the only local place I recall seeing them. I have no experience with these products though. Sorry your hips and back are starting to hurt you!hug P.S.-your human sure looks familiar!big grin

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Thanks for the link. One of the Sunny Brae vets lives downstairs from us, so we're going to ask him about harnesses, too.

Mom teaches at CR, so maybe that's why she looks familiar.


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The bottoms up harness is one I have recommended and used.
http://www.handicappedpets.com/www/index.php/help-pets -walk/help-lift-dogs.html

Good luck with your search.

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Hey there,

Lantis has bad arthritis and sometimes a sore back too. We've tried all sorts of harnesses but found that the AST Support Suit is built for long-term use and very heavy duty.


We would recommend this any day. Lantis wears his all day everyday as he needs a bit of help up and down stairs and to get up sometimes. It's comfortable enough for that kind of wear, and heavy-duty enough for us to entirely lift his 115lb frame off the ground if we need to. He is wearing it in his profile picture.
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We sent one of these to Skidboot the Cowdog after we met him. He was having trouble with is back end, too.

ComfortLift at Dr. Foster & Smith

We also recommend a good glucosamine supplement to heyelp with back/hip health. You can take that along with any medicines your Vet prescribes.

Smoke, sending Super-Bionic limpy legs healing
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We use this harness for all our post surgical patients and down dogs - It works really well


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I heard that Ruffwear harness is excellent for dogs with joint/back problems as well as amputees
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Thanks so much, everypup! Mom had lots of research to do. We have a Ruffwear harness that was Raven's, but the one we have has a handle toward the neck. Mom doesn't know if that will work for me, or if I need one with more stability toward the back. We can at least try the one we have first.