How Much Omega-3 Can You Give a Dog With Dry Skin?

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Rod has dry skin. He always gets dry skin in the winter. Most dogs I've had have had this problem. My hair gets the same way. Someone in the raw section told me to give omega 3 oils to keep their coat healthy. Are the omega pills for people safe or should I buy something just for dogs? Also, how much should I give. Rod is about 22 lbs, a Westie (chubby Westie laugh out loud). Or should I buy salmon or some sort of fish oil instead?
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If you buy the gelcaps get the salmon oil ones. Make sure they are free of common allergens like soy and things like that. Walmart has a pretty good one. You can double up on them for awhile and then just do one a day or so.

I ordered my 3 dogs some Wild Alaskan Salmon oil from petco. It's liquid and 32oz, that sized lasts FOREVER. I had another kind that was 32 oz and it lasted 3-4 months or so.

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heres a few to take a look at, I use the Nupro for my cats (its also made for dogs) and the California Natural for the dogs


California Natural Skin and Coat


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I give Sassy the maximum amount calculated from this page.
Max gets the normal amount. He doesn't have dry skin like Sassy.
They both get a human grade gel cap. Max will take it squirted in his food but I must pill Sassy these days. Caps are better than squirt bottles as the Omega 3 is very fragile outside the fish and degrades rapidly.

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I know this is old thread but I found my (or my dogs) salvation at Oil for dogs. The fish oil what is sold everywhere is really a bad thing! I bought krill oil and flaky skin is gone from my whippets!

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