Pregnant dog has fleas! What can I do?!?!?!

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Must eat kitty!
Barked: Sat Oct 24, '09 10:45am PST 
My pregnant Adeeda has fleas. The infestation isn't bad, yet. My other animals have been treated with Advantix and all given a flea bath. What can I use on my little Adeeda that wont harm her unborn pups?
Addie CL1- CL2 CL3 CL4- OAJ

if it moves,- I'll chase it!
Barked: Sat Oct 24, '09 10:56am PST 
Frontline is safe for pregnant and lactating females, you should be safe with that smile A lot of our breeders use it , it also says on the back of the package as well. Our vets are happy with it, and have had not had any problems.

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CH ChekrdFlags Vegas GoGo Girl

All Pyr! From- pasture to show- ring!
Barked: Sat Oct 24, '09 11:40am PST 
She's pregnant & has heart worm?eekshock

Hilda, CGC

Hilda, Diva- Extraordinary
Barked: Sat Oct 24, '09 11:50am PST 
Hmm, I guess I have a problem with that, too!!! IF you got her, a rescue from a breeder, in May, she obviously wasn't pregnant then, why wasn't she spayed ASAP! If it was due to her heartworm treatment, why wasn't she aborted/spayed right after she was bred???? I can't imagine the risk of spaying would be at all greater than the risk of whelping and caring for puppies????
Chloe,- KPA-CTP

Clearance Puppy - The best of them- all.
Barked: Sat Oct 24, '09 1:04pm PST 
maybe try sprinkling some garlic powder on her food, The fleas hate it.

I don't think that would effect the puppies either..

Must eat kitty!
Barked: Sun Oct 25, '09 9:37am PST 
CH- ChekrdFlags- Vegas GoGo- Girl : she actually doesn't have heartworm anymore. She is done with treatments luckily.

Hilda, CGC : I didn't get her spayed because of the treatments. While I was away on vacation my room mate brought in a foster dog that wasn't neutered, had fleas and didn't put the fences up one day so he got to my poor Adeeda. And I would NEVER abort a human baby so I would NEVER abort a puppy. They are living beings either way and I refuse to kill them off because they are and "inconvenience". Adeeda's heart is fine right now, the heartworm wasn't sever enough to do damage, but, my vet still didn't want to get her spayed until November.
Either way I still have fleas and puppies on the way so thank you Chloe & Addie, the two people who actually helped me rather then trying to judge me.

Shepherd Savior.
Barked: Sun Oct 25, '09 9:41am PST 
They also have garlic and brewers yeast tablets that you can buy for a good price at pet stores. Instant all-natural flea control!

All that lives- is holy.
Barked: Sun Oct 25, '09 10:01am PST 
Bark to Basics makes a citrus shampoo that's great for killing fleas. If I pet a recently Frontlined dog, my hands get blisters, so it's a life saver for me!

Queen of the- couch
Barked: Sun Oct 25, '09 10:52am PST 
Look into the garlic tabs or some other tabs, also look into the citrus shampoo stuff. Also, get a flea comb so you can comb them out when dead. If I am correct, when you give the garlic tabs, the fleas continue to die for a week, so keep combing!! Good luck.....she is a beauty!

Jenn and Remy

Barked: Sun Oct 25, '09 2:51pm PST 
I am in no way trying to negate someone's opinion (sorry guys!) but I have read that pregnant and lactating females should not get garlic. I think it makes the milk taste yucky! Perhaps you could ask a vet about that. I know from breeding horses you can't use garlic as a fly repellent either as it taints the milk, so just thought I'd share. blue dog
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