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Barked: Fri Oct 9, '09 3:55pm PST 
Has anyone else heard of T-Touch? (massages to make a dog feel better) I found a book on it, but I would like to learn more about it. Can anyone help, pawlease?

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Barked: Fri Oct 9, '09 4:10pm PST 
I have the Linda Tellington's book and have not used it as much as I should (too much time on Dogster), but it has limbered up Moira's arthritic hip nicely. Between T Touch ang glucosamine, she is much better.

Not as much success with Lily's fears, but 1) I was already massaging her and 2) she may be as good as she can be in that respect.
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Barked: Fri Oct 9, '09 4:59pm PST 
Years ago ... when I tell you that it was in VHS format you'll realize how MANY years ago ... I saw an infomercial about TTouch and bought a video. I enjoyed learning how to do the various touches - they are all named after different animals - for example "Clouded Leopard" and my Mal-mix, Dakotah, and domestic shorthair, Renni, enjoyed having the touches done on them. It was a great bonding exercise, but although I am not negating their use as therapy for X or Y physical or behavioral problem, that was never my goal.


Barked: Sat Oct 10, '09 2:02pm PST 
Tellington touch was originally developed for horses. It can be adapted for dogs or any animal including humans.

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Barked: Wed Oct 14, '09 10:39am PST 
I went to a hands on TTouch clinic for horses with Linda Tellington Jones. The touch that teaches.

It is not only a message technique that can be used on any living thing including birds and reptiles, there is also a training and life philosophy attached to it.

Anyway, the great thing about TTouch is that it will do no harm and in my experiences can do a lot of good.