Previcox - dangers?

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Barked: Sat Aug 29, '09 8:07pm PST 
Our vet prescribed previcox for our boy after an operation and after confirming from urine sample that his kidneys are functioning well.

However I am having second thoughts. Basically I am a proponent of less medication rather than more (both my parents were incidentally doctors).

One of the side effects of previcox about which you are meant to consult your vet is black tarry stools. Our boy is coping very well after his operation on Friday, and he is a fit, strong dog, but he has started producing black tarry stools. There are quite a few reports of previcox causing stomach damage etc and several animals dying as a result of this drug. There are also quite a lot of positive reports; however, I'm thinking, rather safe than sorry. I am giving him a chondroitin mussel supplement.

Anyone have any experience of previcox, especially if negative and especially if involving tarry stools?

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I was recently on Previcox for arthritis. After taking it for 3 mos I didn't want to eat any more and lost 5 lbs. Nothing made me want to eat so my vet ran bloodwork and my kidney and liver enzymes were high. And my red blood cells were low. Dr George thinks I have small bleeding stomach ulcers from the med and it is starting to affect my kidneys and liver. So I stopped it right away and am on Zantac 2 times a day now. Mom sits and hand feeds meand I have now gained 4 lbs back. The levels were all just over where normal ends and high begins for my liver and kidneys and the rbc's were just a little low, so we caught it really quick! I go back next week for another bloodtest. Watch out for that stuff!!I only took it with food, never on an empty stomach so we thought it would be OK like people taking NSAIDS. I'm just happy Mom keeps an eye on me and gets me to the vet as soon as she thinks somethings wrong! way to go

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Previcox is a high-risk drug. It is responsible for a number of deaths in dogs. It can decrease or increase a dog's appetite, cause vomiting, diarrhea, black, tarry, or bloody stools, decreased or increased activity level, lack or coordination, seizures, aggression, yellowing of gums, skins, or white of eyes, change in drinking habits, change in urination, change in skin, or unexpected weight loss. Personally, this is a drug I would stay away from. Have you considered going to a holistic veterinarian and trying some herbal or homeopathic remedies? A dog with arthritis should also be kept away from cow milk products, night shade vegetables, deep fried or fatty foods, and processed or refined foods.


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Thanks for your responses, guys. As it is Sunday here, I decided to ring my brother in law who is an experienced vet. He agreed in general with what you have written, although he did point out that the tarry stools could also have been caused by the lambs fry which we have coincidentally just have been feeding.

He said that given that our boy is recovering very well from his operation on Friday, he would either discontinue the previcox or give only half a tablet rather than the whole tablet recommended daily. He said he personally would have only given the anti-inflammatory for a few days, perhaps at most four days post op (rather than the week's supply we have been given).

I am mulling over what to do, but am going to stop feeding the lambs fry, and either discontinue the previcox completely or maybe just give half a tablet and monitor, if our boy seems to be developing discomfort.

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my sebastion has been on previcox for over 3 years now. he hasn't had any side effects at all, but he doesn't get one daily. he only gets one after swimming or too long a walk, etc... we went with the previcox because i didn't want to put him on something with steroids. i think all meds have side effects no different from human meds, but if it gets to where he needs something everyday, i will probably try some holistic remedies, acupuncture, etc...


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I give Tosha a homeopatic remedy the name of it is Arnica, it does wonders.wave

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There are the horror stories if you want to look for them - eg http://dogs.katzke.net/2008/03/previcox-for-dogs-warning-watch-for-d istress-signs/

Our boy had one of the warning signs - black tarry stools, which can imply internal bleeding. However it was more probably the result of him eating lambs fry, as it has not re-occurred since changing his food.

However, better safe than sorry! I put him on half a tablet rather than the whole tablet prescribed, and didn't give him any tablet last night. But then as he appeared in discomfort during the night, I gave him some chicken to eat and gave him another half tablet.

My brother in law "old hand" vet said that he only gives the previcox for a max of 4 days post op, so I'll see if I can stop completely shortly.

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There has been so much information on this site regarding Previcox (firocoxib). One has only to do a search by typing in 'Previcox' and many posts will show about this drug. If more experiences are desired, check our site (no, we do not sell anything) here:


Both good and bad experiences are listed. At any rate, it is always wise to know the side effects of any drug given your dog.

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I am responding to the Previcox side effects inquiry. This drug killed my dog. She began to pant heavily, was unresponsive, and was walking like she was drunk, then she died. This drug should be taken off the market!