Eggs and old dogs

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Hello all,

Do any of you feed your older dogs eggs daily? Owners of small dogs like Pekingese or Shih Tzu's. Was told by some one online claiming to be a "Dr" (so I assumed she was probably a vet) that this is okay for dogs. Unlike it is for us where it would lead to high cholesterol for us if we did the same.

How about cheese or bread? I did give my first dog the plain part of the pizza crust from time to time. She lived to almost 18 years old. She was a Pekingese. As some of you know with this breed the typical life span is 12-13 years.

Will call my vet tomorrow any how for an informed recommendation. But I'd still love to hear from dog owners.

Thanks in advance! smile

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Hi Toffee, as long as your dog is ok with eggs and does not get bad gas or the runs, eggs are very nutritious for dogs. I have read here on dogster that the cholesterol thing does not apply to dogs as much as humans as dogs bodies work differentely.I know people who feed their dogs eggs for breakfast every day. I would say once or twice a week is betterdog
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Depends on the dog's body weight. Eggs are very high in protein and can cause weight gain. For a smaller dog, a couple eggs a week is recommended. The people over in the home cooked section can give you more specifics.

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My dog Leo passed away a year ago at the age of 14.5 years & he would have a raw egg up to twice a week - he would eat the shells too.
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bread and cheese aren't what a dog ever ate, so it provides no needed nutrition only fat and some dogs don't tolerate cheese. although i use cheese for training treats because my dog listens better. but sometimes cheese can upset the stomach because it is dairy.

eggs are good for a dogs skin and coat. i give raw once a week but theyre used to it because i feed a raw diet. jessie will eat the shell if i break the egg for her. my other dog won't eat the shell but probably would if i ground it up.

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Hello - Eggs are fine - just not every day - ( 3-4 days per week is good)
**also, you may want to give more lean meats in the diet...

Bread is not too good of a choice... a little is ok.

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Thanks people. Just spoke to my vet. And said eggs are fine. Just not daily. A few times a week is okay. Mixed in with his dry. So I guess I'll give him his scrambled egg with dry 2-3 times a week. And, I was also told that dogs process eggs differently too (Quigley). Must be true.

Cheese...the size of our finger nail. Bread is fine. Again not daily. Lettuce is okay.

Raw eggs? Never tried that with my dog. Not really sure I want to. Even though his hair is now a lot shorter. I'm sure he'll get the yoke on his cheeks. Better to scramble it (in my case...my dog's case).

What is the daily diet for your dogs? Do you alternate between dry one day (except the dog here there is eating RAW) and a mix of dry/egg? Or dry/carrots? And please mention the size of your dog.

Thanks! smile

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