Can dogs be double jointed???

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I know random question...but I'm still confused about Maya's legs as we can't afford to get them xrayed. Her ankles bend in the opposite direction, but not a whole lot, just in that her legs a very straight. My dad asked me the other day if dogs could be double jointed. I had to honestly say I don't know. Since she has no pain in her legs I wondered if that could be the case. And if it is, is it likely that she will have pains in older age? Her legs do seem stiff sometimes but that is only when she has been sleeping in an awekward position for a long amoutn of time so it's expected. So can dogs be double jointed? Is it in a different way than humans?
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I don't know about dogs, but I know in livestock it's a major fault to have either extremely straight legs(posty) or extremely curved legs(I don't remember the name...bol). It could just be a genetic fault and she may not have problems...but she could. As I said, I don't know about dogs.