Is deli meat bad for dogs ?

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Barked: Mon Jan 26, '09 5:38pm PST 
Hey guys I was wondering if deli meats are bad for dogs ? The reason I'm asking is because I work at a deli shop and in many situations I've cut more than what the customer has asked for. The extra sliced meat usually gets tossed in the garbage. So today I was gathering all the extra odds and ends and a co-worker said that the SPCA would not accept it because deli meat is not good for dogs. All the meat are cooked, such as ham, turkey, chicken and salami but I think salami might contain to much fat. What do you guys think ? Do you think the SPCA would accept it ? I've seen on TV where a SPCA worker fed dogs hot dog weiners as a treat. Sorry if this is a stupid question, I feel as though I should know this answer since I own a dog myself.
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Barked: Mon Jan 26, '09 5:41pm PST 
My guys have gotten sandwich meat before. In small amounts I think it is fine. Ham though I've heard not to give, or give in very small amounts (I think b/c of high fat/salt content, but not sure). i just wouldn't feed it as an entire meal...........lol.

Although the SPCA may not accept it b/c of the chances of it going bad quickly. You can always contact them to see.

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Deli meats are about as good for dogs as they are for people. High in salt, fat and nitrates. I couple little bites won't hurt, but I wouldn't give too much.

Your thought was nice, but I can see the SPCA not wanting to accept it. Some dogs get very ill when given items like that and they may not have proper storage for it.

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yea I see what you guys mean, thanks for the response =)

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I sure hope its okay for them lol. I use pieces of deli meat when I'm trying to teach Seven a trick. Its much more motivating imo.
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I dont think a little amount for a treat is bad. Just give in small amounts, cause they are high in salt. Sanford Loves bologna and Hotdogs.snoopy

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Any processed food is not th best for anybody, but I did give Rommel and now Thor their pills in it ,,or in velvetta cheese ,stopped the peanut butter because of the scare, but I can see why the outfit you mentioned dont want to take it to feed the doggies on a regular basis.. .
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I think just like any meat, it does depend. I agree on the salt and nitrates, but companies like Boars Head brand is all natural and contains way less nitrates than the store lunch meats. Just like buying regular beef versus beef that comes from free range cows grain fed not treated with growth hormones, it depends on the source.

And I wouldn't ever feed deli meat as a meal, but a piece or two of turkey or roast beef is great for training treats.