French Bulldogs and Cold Weather?

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Barked: Wed Nov 19, '08 5:52pm PST 
What do you do with yours? Or if you have a dog with short hair and have suggestions that would be great too!
Stella White

I'm the boss- applesauce!
Barked: Thu Nov 20, '08 5:00am PST 
Hi Toby! Brrrr! Winter is here!
This is my frenchies Stella's first winter and we live in Boston, so its pretty cold here already! It hasn't snowed yet though, and I am dying to see how she likes the snow! As brave as she is, I wonder! Especially since she really doesn't seem to mind the cold at all! I worry though too. But since she hates clothes, and doesn't seem to mind the cold weather at all, she still goes out on her walks but, we keep them a bit shorter (10-15 minutes.) She loves to play and run and fetch even, so she keeps her body temp up. And I'm much more comfortable with her in the cooler weather than I am with her in the heat. But if you don't like the cold, I know many Frenchies like to wear clothes, a friend's Frenchie really enjoys wearing the polar fleece coats. And they are convienient given that they are adjustable through the chest and neck. I've tried one on Stella, but nope! She literally bucks like a bronco to get it off. She hates it. But we do indoor play dates often with some close friends dogs, and if you have any doggie centers near you... those are a great idea as well. Other than that, I've always turned the car on a few minutes before we get in it, to warm it up a bit. I did this even before Stella! But I find this works as well also.

Good Luck! Happy Winter!