Dental water additive? Anyone tried this?

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Barked: Sat Nov 8, '08 6:00pm PST 
I saw something called Dental Fresh today and I'm very curious about it. It says you add a bit in your dog's drinking water and it helps keep their teeth healthy.

I can't imagine how it would ... but has anyone tried this product or something similar? I'm wondering if it works and if it's safe.

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Barked: Sat Nov 8, '08 6:20pm PST 
Funny thing is, I bought this product...... but when I got home I just could not bring myself to use it! I just could not get past the fact that if it lessened the tarter on her teeth through contact, what was it going to do internally? And I had no assurance of this product had been tested for any period of time . Sooooooo, I tossed it!

Has anyone tried it?
Lily a.k.a.- Lil'Pup

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Barked: Sat Nov 8, '08 6:44pm PST 
Hi puppers, check the ingredient list on these products, you need to be on the look out for xylitol. The xylitol is added as an artifical sweetner, but it is highly dangerous for pups. Look back in previous posts on it's dangers, then read the posts for PetzLife oral care products, I think it was posted by Sedona?

Mom gives us hunky bones and chewies, we have happy clean teeth and our breath has the heavenly smell of a meaty seafood dumpster, depending on what we have for dinner.


Barked: Sat Nov 8, '08 7:07pm PST 
The one that I have tried and works is called Cool & Clear for Dogs & Cats its a tasteless, odorless liquid that works in your pet's water to freshen breath naturally, without the use of artificial ingredients or harsh chemicals. I am not sure if this is the same as your Dental water additive but it does take care of there breath.blue dog

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Barked: Sat Nov 8, '08 7:07pm PST 
I checked the ingredient list. One website not to get it on your clothes - it may discolor fabric.

Purified deionized water, stabilized chlorine dioxide, sodium benzoate, and organically derived chlorophyll.

Chlorine is good old bleach. I think I'll pass, thank you. Lily wouldn't drink it if I wanted her to. She won't drink unfiltered water because of the chlorine smell. Smart girl!

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Barked: Sat Nov 8, '08 9:03pm PST 
OMD - bleach?! I'm very glad we didn't try this.

Thank you all for your answers, nice to associate with such clever pups! hail

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Barked: Sat Nov 8, '08 11:17pm PST 
We use Plaque off. Mommy got it off Onlynaturalpet.com . It works within just a few days..we love it!!happy dance
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Barked: Sun Nov 9, '08 12:28am PST 
Gah- Wal Mart had this product (that alone told me something was up) and I picked it up out of curiosity. I read the ingredients saw bleach and thought "I'll pass"

Gues everyone thought that, too. It went on sale for real cheap. The price dropped to 40 cent somehow.

I'm not sure if it's the same brand. (probably not) But, it was similar.
Rosalita Lola "Rosie"

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Barked: Sun Nov 9, '08 4:56am PST 
Stabilized chlorine dioxide is not bleach. Look it up on google.

We use Plaque Off too - very successfully.

Barked: Sun Nov 9, '08 11:48pm PST 
I have used PLAQUE OFF for some time. i would not say it actually kpt plaque off my girls; teeth, but i did remove stainfrom KayCee's tet. For some reason the nsides of her canine teeth would turn brown. the P;AQUE OFF did remove the sains. also it helps wit their breath...which is great since mine got/gets mackeral or salmon every week and fish breah is ot pleasant.
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