Tea tree oil is helping for ear infection

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Barked: Fri Sep 19, '08 6:13am PST 
To those it may help,
I started putting tea tree oil (1 drop diluted in about 1 teaspoon olive oil) in Laila's ear yesterday morning. So far she has had 3 applications.

The ear is already improved. The outer ear is less red, she almost completelly stopped scratching her ear. The head shaking has also almost stopped.

Tea tree oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties and is deodorizing. It is very concentrated so always use very little and diluted in a good quality oil (almond oil, xtra virgin olive oil).

ps I had flushed the ear with an otic cleanser before starting the treatment, to make sure I removed the debris. The olive oil will also soften and remove wax.

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Barked: Fri Sep 19, '08 7:27am PST 
Thats great Laila!

Tea tree oil is wonderful! Mom is a Massage Therapist so its nice to put some of those essential oils to use, most of them smell great and its nice to know its natural as well. I might have to give this one a try, Nallah has been shaking her head a lot the past few days even after her ears were just cleaned out...Thanks for the tip! way to go

wigley- quigley,the- quigster
Barked: Fri Sep 19, '08 10:18am PST 
Glad you mixed it with a carrier oil first, mum has done Aromatherapy for humans, but our vet does not agree to t tree oil, as she says it can be too abrasive. Glad it is getting betterdog

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Barked: Fri Sep 19, '08 10:36am PST 
Good to know! Abby gets yeast infections in her ears all the time from swimming and the meds you get from the vet can break you quickly!!! Thanks for sharing!
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Barked: Fri Sep 19, '08 11:02am PST 
Hi, there!

I had a yeast infection about 2 years ago, and we were at UC Davis at the time, with Sammy.

I was taken to the clinic there, and Mom asked about the olive oil... and their faces were like this:

They said don't EVER put olive oil in a dog's ears, because it could cause bacteria to grow...

Mom is allergic to the cleanser because of the lanolin in them... so she wanted to try something else. They suggested a very diluted white vinegar solution rather than any oils.

I sure am glad it is working for you, though!

Mom is also allergic to Tea Tree oil! BOL! She was putting it on a bad surgery scar she had... and YIKES! made it much worse.

Maybe a suggestion to check to see if your dog is allergic to it before someone puts it in their ears???thinking

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Barked: Sat Sep 20, '08 7:48am PST 
I know of this organic pepperment dog soap that really helps with ear infections also. happy dance

A lesson in- unconditionnal- love
Barked: Sun Sep 21, '08 4:28am PST 
well it's day 4 of Laila's little tea tree oil treatment and her ear is so much better. I flush it out first with Routeen (it has malic and salicylic acid in it) but when it runs out I will try a home made raw apple cider vinegar solution instead - it's supposed to be amazing.

Her ear smells really good from the tea tree oil.

To the person who said olive oil can promote bacterial growth... well it does provide moisture, but I've only noticed a reduction in redness and head shaking, and the scratching has completely stopped! The smell is wonderful. I have found no resources that claimed olive oil was bad for a dog ears... so I'll keep using it but thanks for your warning. Some vets don,t recomment anything other than THEIR products, but it doesn't mean those things are dangerous. My vet disagrees with the vinager solution, she only wants me to use Routeen. Oh well.

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Barked: Sat Dec 28, '13 1:48pm PST 
how much of that stuff did u but uin each ear of the tee tree oil/ olive oil
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Barked: Sun Dec 29, '13 2:50pm PST 
Guest, this post is over five years old.
Also, be aware that tea tree oil can be very dangerous, especially should your dog have a perforated eardrum, which is impossible to see with the naked eye. I would not use ANYTHING in my dog's ear unless prescribed by a vet and in the amounts and dilution the vet recommends.

Barked: Wed Jan 1, '14 11:12pm PST 
Yes of course, this tea tree oil is beneficial for ear infection as it can be used as a natural ear wash for dogs and thus sooth and heal the skin.
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