are rear dew claws indicative of particular breeds?

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Zeppelin J.- Dogg, ESQ

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Barked: Thu Sep 11, '08 6:41am PST 
my mom found a puppy on her porch day before yesterday. he's about 3 months old...we named him drifter, since he just kind of showed up. he's a little guy...head about the size of a woman's hand, less than 20 lbs, really long legs but doesn't have big feet. we have no clue what he might be.

he does have rear dew claws. i searched the term on here, and it seems like it's all large breed dogs that are saying they have them. is it more common with certain breeds than others?
Baloo RN CGN

Dog of all- trades
Barked: Thu Sep 11, '08 7:03am PST 
I think they can happen in many different breeds. I'm pretty sure that its actually part of the standard of Icelandic sheepdogs to have rear dewclaws (they are a small-medium breed).
Sophie, SD

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Barked: Thu Sep 11, '08 7:48am PST 
Idon't know about other breeds, but I know the double rear dew claw is an indicator of being pure bred in Great Pyrs.

Vance CGC

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Barked: Thu Sep 11, '08 10:53am PST 
Some breeds are required to have them, but they can occur in any dog.

I think the list of breeds that do have them is too long to really be able to look at it and pick out a definite parentage for a mixed breed. But if the mix is turning out to look like a certain breed, and that breed does have the rear dew you could use it as a bit more "evidence."

For example, I knew a "Golden Retriever" mix puppy. The older he got, the more he outgrew all the other Goldens. He turned out almost pure white and had rear double dews. He was most likely actually a Pyr or Pyr cross.

Barked: Thu Sep 11, '08 11:27am PST 
I think you might find herding dogs and LGD's have double dew claws. There's stuff on the AKC website to check out.

Yes - Icelandic Sheepdogs do have double dews as a breed standard and I'm pretty much full grown at 9 months old weighing about 24 lbs and 16-17 inch at the withers as an estimate.

Too smart for my- own good!

Barked: Thu Sep 11, '08 11:48am PST 
Yep, we had a mix at our shelter that we thought was a husky/hound mix and he had double dew claws. Turns out (per his owner) he was a black lab/Pyr mix! So mixes of Pyrs can have double dew claws as well.
Ginger DSA- ThD TT CGC - &hearts

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Barked: Thu Sep 11, '08 12:04pm PST 
Several breeds have double rear dew claws, but as someone else said there are too many to list who have (single) rear dew claws. I think pretty much any breed can have them, it's just that most breeders remove them when the puppies are very young. I had a foster with rear dew claws and he looked to be Lab and possibly Boxer or Great Dane.
Shandi *Oct- 2006 - Aug 2012*

Barked: Thu Sep 11, '08 2:52pm PST 
We have an animal at the shelter right now who is a kelpie mix (medium size) and she has 2 dewclaws on each of her back feet.

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Barked: Thu Sep 11, '08 3:50pm PST 
Peanut had dewclaws when he was born and has big scars where they where removed at the puppy mill when he was a pup.- He's a chihuahua; Hallie on the other hand doesn't have dew claws and I don't think she ever did! thats intresting I never thought dew claws had to do with breed!thinking

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Barked: Thu Sep 11, '08 8:40pm PST 
Snoopy was born with single Dew claws on his back paws. On one foot, the dew claw just dissappeared, but he still has one left on his other rear paw. Its also not floppy like a pyrs can be, but very closely attached as seen in the front paws.
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