Frequent UTI'S, blood in urine, urine very basic. please help!!!

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Full Grown Puppy- Love
Barked: Sun Jul 27, '08 12:33pm PST 
Scarlett is a 2 year old Saint Bernard. She seems to get blood in urine every 4 to six months but getting more and more frequent. I just changed vets because nothing helped with the last vet.
I am trying to find the source of the problem because I do not want her to always be on Prednizone or other medications. She has always eaten Prarie or Lifes Abundance Dog food. A friend told me it may help to switch her to a no grain diet so she just started eating Solid Gold "Barking at the moon" She also gets sanitary cuts regularly to keep her cleaner "down there" I thought it would help.

Vet Visit: Our new vet tested her urine and it was very basic. (8.something.) She had crystals in her urine also. First, we put her on cranberry pills, but 2 weeks later blood was back in her urine. He x-rayed her bladder and there were no bladder stones. smile He then put her on UROEZE 400mg.6 tablets (she is 130lbs)
In the next couple of days after taking that med she started having large blood clots come out in her urine.
I took her back to the vet and he added Prednisone20 mg. 3 tabs daily for 5 days then every other day. and also Primor(i think an anti -biotic but she already finished that med)
We go back to the vet to check her urine again tomorrow.
the vet does not know what is causing her to have these problems. I am trying to get to the root of what is causing this. I dont want her to always be on prednisone and/or other drugs like it.
Does anyone know what could be making her urine so basic?
Thank you so much for any suggestions!
Winnie Lam

Squeaker- Killer...Qu'est-- ce que c'est!
Barked: Sun Jul 27, '08 2:05pm PST 
Scarlett, urine can be very basic (high pH) because there are bacteria there that break down urea (urease producing bacteria), and convert it to ammonium ion, which raises pH of the urine.

Recurrent UTI's can be frustrating, but almost always have an underlying problem that the vet needs to figure out:

1) bladder stones, acting as a nidus for infection (it can be a chicken/egg relationship between UTIs and stones...but that's a different story).
2) bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics that you have been given. very important that if UTI comes back after a goodly course of antibiotics, your vet CULTURES the urine to make sure nothing funky is growing (weird things like pseudomonas or MRSA or something like that) - this is perhaps the first thing to do other than standard urinalysis, if UTI's keep coming back .
3) anatomic malformations in the genitourinary tract (not very common) - for example, if you have a diverticulum in your bladder that allows urine to pool, and not get flushed (and therefore promote bacterial growth).

i hope your new vet can figure things out, so you get this problem solved once and for all! it's really uncomfortable having a UTI!

All legs and no- tail
Barked: Sun Jul 27, '08 2:50pm PST 
If you find out what kind of crystals are in the urine (there are two common types: struvite, and calcium oxalate) that will help. Struvite crystals are the most prevalent kind, and the easier of the two to treat. Gunner went through months of UTIs last year, and trust me, I know exactly how frustrating they are. He went through round after round of antibiotics, special food (that I only reluctantly agreed to), and cranberry pills. None of them helped. What I finally found was Solid Gold's Berry Balance. It's a powder supplement specifically developed for the treatment of strvuite crystals only. It's been Gunner's lifesaver, and I definitely recommend it if your dog does have struvite crystals.


Self-appointed- Cookie Inspector
Barked: Sun Jul 27, '08 8:20pm PST 
I never had problems with the dogs, but the cat went through this.

We did the meds, food, etc. and nothing helped. We have now been clear for 1 year .

1. the cat is on raw food as he cannot stomach commercial!
2. Meal time the 10 pound cat gets:
1 cranberry pill (1132 mg) - 1 pill Day
1 "KB" supplement (420 mg) 1 pill a day
1 Acidophilus & Bifidus ( By Natural Factors) - 1 pill twice a day

The "KB" supplement is a combo of: Juniper berries, Parsley, Uva-Ursi, Marshmellow Root, Ginger Root, Magnesium Stearate, and Life Cycle Enzymes. It is put out by "Sangster's" here in Canada, and runs about $ 12.99 (Can) for 90 capsules. It is used for people for urinary problems and crystals/stones. You can go on thier site for more info.

We also get the Cranberry Extract from them as well. Its small. potent and easy to pop. It runs about $ 8.99/90 capsules.

I would also give plain yogurt with active cultures with the food if possible. You want the good bacteria in there.

We have had great results so far, and have even shocked our vet with the success so far. The cat suffered with crystals and stones for 4 years. When we introduced the stuff, he actually had a stone the size of a pinky nail (adult). The vet was skeptical, but the x-rays taken after the cat was on it for a few weeks showed a major reduction of the stone! So for almost a year, we have had no vet visits and have been free of blood in urine, painful urination, etc.

The supplements are meant for people, so the cat is actually on a large doseage for his size and weight. Good luck!

Work hard; Play- harder.
Barked: Sun Jul 27, '08 8:34pm PST 
I'd definitely stay on the cranberry or try the Solid Gold Berry. The cranberry will coat the bladder making it harder for the bacteria. How much cranberry were you giving her? (Asking because she's a big girl.) We were giving 2 pills 3X a day to a 25 pound beagle during her heat cycles as a UTI preventative (per our vet).

Full Grown Puppy- Love
Barked: Sun Jul 27, '08 10:07pm PST 
Thank you so much for the tips! I am going to ask the vet what kind of crystals.

I will also get some get some of the solid gold cranberry supplement and try that.

The vet had told me to give scarlett 3 cranberry pills a day(i believe they were 400 mg each)

I will post her urine result when they come in!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, so much for all the suggestions.

Mandy and - Casey

2PUPPIES 2x the- work 4x the fun
Barked: Mon Jul 28, '08 3:49am PST 
That might have not been enough cranberry to help her.
When i was getting rid of Mandy's I did like 6 or more 500 pills for 5 days or more and she is only 35 lbs. I just bought some for my male and they are 1132mg and I am giving him 2 for a good week a day then down to one for maintnence after that.
His dribbling has stopped. He used to walk around the door dribbling a trail of urine.
I havent tried the berry balance but someone posted something about d- mannonese try typing that in the search they said it worked awsome and was a powder I believe like sugar

Master of water- frisbee!
Barked: Mon Jul 28, '08 5:51am PST 
One of the great things about cranberry (and why it is used for UTI's) is it's acidity. If her urine is very basic, it seems logical that raising the acidity would be beneficial. When my mom gets a UTI she drinks tons of coffee (can't stand cranberry juice!) to get the acidity and hasn't had to take antibiotics for a UTI in years! Cranberry is a good thing for sure! Also, making sure she is drinking extra fluids to flush the renal system.
way to go

Momma where are- you?
Barked: Mon Jul 28, '08 6:21am PST 
Shiva has chronic UTI's- The big thing is to CULTURE IT!!! Always culture urine if you have a reoccuring problem. Shiva recently had a culture done. Although there was no growth we choose to put her on a 6 week regimen of antibiotics then a repeat culture at the end. Even though both culture were negative the bladder infection went away and for the first time in while shiva has gone 6 months without a reoccurence. Also, if possible, get an ultrasound done of the bladder and kidneys. X-ray sometimes can't show everything- shiva had a thickened bladder wall seen on ultrasound but no x-ray. So hope these help. Let us know what happens.

Full Grown Puppy- Love
Barked: Wed Jul 30, '08 9:11pm PST 
thanks so much for all of the feedback!!!we are waiting on the results from the urine test (should be in tomorrow) I am going to make notes to ask the vet about cultures, ultrasounds... when he calls with the results. Thank you all so much ill keep posted. Scarlett thanks you too!
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