Dewclaw snagged.

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Barked: Thu Jun 12, '08 12:59am PST 
Hey all - forgive me if this post is disjointed, but I got back from the emergency vet a little less than an hour ago.

...so Storm snagged and wholly tore off his right dewclaw at the dog park this evening. The entire nail is gone, but the quick survived - and Doc says that the nail bed probably didn't sustain any damage. He's on preventative antibiotics (I am leaving the country in less than a week; I took Doc's suggestion this time) and pain meds if needed.

My questions:

How does this thing grow back? Has anyone else experienced this with their dog? Is there anything I should be looking out for beyond signs of infection?

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Barked: Thu Jun 12, '08 4:14am PST 
If the quick survived it should grow back without difficulty. Just like if we have extreme damage to a nail and it falls off and grows back because the only part of the nail that is alive is the quick.

The preventative antibs are a good idea, since you are going away and the foot/lets come into contact with the world a lot. Just be aware it is going to be very painful to the touch for awhile.

I had Cracker's dewclaws removed when she was spayed to prevent this happening (she's very active) but I know many breeds, including beardies keep their dewclaws as part of the standard. Most dogs that are mountain or guarding breeds keep their dewclaws. What's interesting is my vet said many more pups are being BORN without dewclaws, adapting to the lack of necessity.

Hope Storm is not too uncomfortable...poor boo!
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Barked: Thu Jun 12, '08 8:41am PST 
Oh, Storm!! That's gotta hurt, bud!!

I don't know what to say, just wanted to give some support here. I was born without dewclaws, at least on my hind feet, but Tyk and Kadjii have some. The vet was surprised, since we're all from the same litter.

Hope you feel better soon!


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Barked: Thu Jun 12, '08 9:51am PST 
Aww, thanks for the support guys!

Storm doesn't appear to be in too much pain - no whining, no panting, and he is very relaxed. He just tries to lick the bandage once in a while, but he's very good about leaving it alone. I'll probably try the pain meds when the bandage comes off and the quick is in the open air.

Cracker - so the quick won't shrivel and die or anything when exposed to the elements? I was told to leave his bandage on for 24-36 hours (I'm opting for the latter - Storm and I have a Beardie Bounce to go to on Saturday AM), but I was slightly concerned about keeping it healthy once the bandage comes off. They shaved the area (I haven't seen it yet, so I don't know the extent to which it was shorn) and I'm not sure whether he'll have enough hair to protect it.

I'm glad that I got the antibs, too, but I am slightly worried. Storm didn't take well to the antibiotics he got a couple of years ago after being attacked (he stopped eating altogether, which was a BIG problem for him back then) and am hoping that he does better on these. He's kind of lethargic this AM, but that could be due to the busy day we had yesterday. I'm keeping an eye on him.

My family always had dogs that either were born without dewclaws or had them removed at spay. Storm was neutered while he lived with his foster mom and came to me with dewclaws (he has two fronts - I was under the impression that there were very few breeds with dews in the back). I've heard that they can get caught on things, and now I have seen what happens. frown

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Barked: Thu Jun 12, '08 6:10pm PST 
Hi storm wave I have done this before too, twice! one on each side; it sucks frown sorry you are hurting. The most recent accident, I tore my dew claw all the way to the quick & was dangling; we went to the vet and they cut the nail back & cauterized and I had a cute blue bandage on for 24ish hours. It actually Needs to be exposed after a day or two so it can dry out and begin to heal. Bandaging slows the process. Mom kept me inside for a couple days (I only went out to go potty or walk on the cement) just to make sure it didn't get dirty. If you wanted you could leave it uncovered while indoors (after your initial 24-36 hours) and wrap lightly before going out for short periods.

The vet talked to Mom about having my dew claws removed. Would be a little over a hundred, but she's already spent that much on the last two injuries. My dew claws are actually little toes with bone so it would be more involved/painful (some dogs have less bone, or even just a floppy nail & no appendage) but it may be worth it so I don't keep reinjuring myself and hurting anyway.

Just wanted to let you know that you should heal up pretty quickly, I limped a little, but only for a day or two. Hope you feel better SOON!!! puppy

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Barked: Thu Jun 12, '08 7:03pm PST 
aww sorry you got hurt! Coco has dewclaws as she came from a rescue where she was probably just dumped with her siblings. So, she was spayed but they didnt remove the dew claws. I asked when she was a baby, and every vet said that if they dont bother her, just leave them b/c it would be more traumatic to do the surgery now. Luckily Coco hasnt snagged them on anything so we just leave them. Hers dangle kinda funnytoo......hope you get better!

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Barked: Thu Jun 12, '08 7:25pm PST 
If it was just the nail that was torn, it will certainly grow back so don't worry. The bandage is really to keep Storm from harassing it and causing even more damage. Usually the initial pain is gone in a couple of days (unless touched) so he will probably be ok without the bandages then. I would think about wrapping it some for the Beardie Bounce..just to keep it protected. The quick itself will be pretty sore for a while...keep an eye that he is not bugging at it.

The dewclaws I had removed were the hind ones, most dogs keep the fronts providing they aren't too dangly. Cracker's hinds ones were not attached at the bone so were not a big deal to remove. I just figured since she is out and about for 5 or 6 hours a day at least the odds of her hurting herself were worth the extra cost of removal.

I hope the vet gave you different antibs than last time..don't be surprised if he's off food today or a bit tomorrow..this is often the pain as opposed to the antibs...see how it goes.

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Barked: Fri Jun 13, '08 8:07am PST 
Titus, THANK YOU for your response! That has helped me immensely.

Storm ate well last night, but then started paying a lot of attention to the bandage - and, in particular, the spot of the injury. I ended up giving him both the antibiotic and the pain medication last night and cuddled him until the pain med (hopefully) kicked in. He's still kind of sluggish this morning, but is also relaxed, comfortable, and responsive.

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King caught one of his nails in a chainlink fence last year and tore the whole thing off except for the quick. I took him to the E vet too.

I was given a few pain meds for him to take as needed and I was also given a small bottle of blue antibacterial type solution. I was told to dilute it in water and soak his paw for so many minutes once a day.

It took several weeks for the quick to dry up. It would start bleeding again very easily if King bumped it on something. It also took months for his nail to grow back.

His nail was white when it grew back. The e-vet told me it would be but said it would turn black later, which it did. I was told to watch for the new nail to curve up when it grew back. Because if it did I would have to take him back to see the vet.

His nail grew back curving down like normal so he never had to go back for the nail injury.

Tearing a nail off is very painful. I hope Storm feels better real soon hug
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Barked: Fri Jun 13, '08 9:15am PST 
When Gracie was doing agillity, she kept on ripping her dewclaws and even her regular nails and hurting the stopper pad on the back of her front legs during practice. She liked doing the agility so much, I wouldn't see the damage she'd done till practice was over. After Gracie got over her "agility high" she'd limp around. I even tried trimming them a bit every day, hoping that if the nails were real short, she wouldn't injure them, but it didn't help.

The vet would give Gracie antibiotics and she'd have to stay away from her favortite hobby for a few weeks. The nails would grow back.

Though Gracie is great at agility and is just CRAZY about it, I've been leery of letting her participate. I did notice that she was more likely to injure her nails when working on grass (if the grass was damp or long, it made things worse) as oposed to the nice matting they had in the training club building.

I hope your pal feels better soon!hamster dance