Old Dog Warts

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Gracie - In Loving- Memory

Service with a- Smile! : )
Barked: Wed Jun 11, '08 1:05pm PST 
The vet says I have an "Old dog Wart". It's this thing that has been growing rather quickly on my elbo for about a month. No, I'm not old, just middle aged, though the vet has said she has seen these on even young dogs.

Mom and I are a bit worried. This "wart" just seems to be getting bigger though it's not huge(yet). Does anyone else have an "Old Dog Wart"? How big do they get? Do I have to live from now on being a warty dog?

Woo woo woo!
Barked: Wed Jun 11, '08 1:23pm PST 
What exactly does it look like?

When we had Ziggy at the vet last week (for allergies), we asked the vet to look at a lump she has on her right front leg. The vet said she thought it looked kind of like a wart. It was small, pinkish/grayish and hard. Yesterday, we came home to find Ziggy had been biting or scratching at it and it started bleeding! So we washed it, put some doggy antibiotic cream on it and wrapped it. Hopefully when we get home today it will still be wrapped and she hasn’t pulled it off…the vet said if it looks yucky when we get home today, we should probably take her in to have it looked at.

I’m curious what yours looked like!
Gracie - In Loving- Memory

Service with a- Smile! : )
Barked: Wed Jun 11, '08 2:34pm PST 
Yes, the wart is small(but growing) gray and hard. She has managed to scrape the top off a few times so it bleeds a little and looks reddish.

My vet seemed unconcerned, but like I said, I don't like anything growing on my dog!

Kodi *In- Loving- Memory*

Everything a- good dog should- be
Barked: Wed Jun 11, '08 4:10pm PST 
Hi Gracie! Kodi is not 'old' but he is middle aged as well. Recently over the past 3 months he has gotten what our vet calls 'sebaceous cysts'. He didn't say they were a wart but from what you described [a lump that is gray and hard], that is what Kodi gets. My vet said they aren't harmful but like you I don't like the idea of things growing on my pup. The first two removed were pretty small in size and a recent one he had was about the size of a quarter and kept growing. The vet said they could easily be removed. He numbed the area, sliced it with a needle, and squeezed it like a pimple. Out came a white sorta gray puss, very similar to popping a pimple. I put some antibiotic cream on it afterwards and Kodi was perfectly fine.

Maybe this is what Gracie has? Kodi's vet said it is common in 'older' dogs but nothing to worry about but can easily be removed like an annoying pimple. Hope that helped!
Cali "My- Best Girl"- 1992-2010

Honeypot- Redemption- Piece!
Barked: Wed Jun 11, '08 4:18pm PST 
Mom checks my "warts" all the time! Vet says they are common for a dog my age (16) and as long as they are not getting irritated when grooming, everything is fine! Sometimes, when mom cleans these areas, they seem to have a waxy, crusty surface that rubs away easily. She will wash them with Phisoderm and warm water, then dab a little neosporin on them. dog

I'll do anything- for a Kong
Barked: Wed Jun 11, '08 4:57pm PST 
No advice, but I wanted to say you're way too cute for an ugly wart!happy dance
Paris - In loving- Memory

To know him is- to love him
Barked: Wed Jun 11, '08 4:58pm PST 
I hate them and they were nothing. My vet use to remove them when I had a teeth cleaning but otherwise said there was nothing to be worried about
Bob *In- Loving- Memory*

Lets Play!
Barked: Sun Jul 20, '08 9:20pm PST 
I have those warts too! Mommy calls them my "old dog bumps"! I also had a sebaceous cyst. The vet told Mommy he was going to remove it, but then it burst and all this white icky stuff came out... and then it was gone! I am growing about 1,000 old dog bumps, and they are quite annoying. Mommy is going to make the vet look at them next time we're in.

Wags, Bob

Princess and the- Pea
Barked: Sun Jul 20, '08 9:41pm PST 
My bumps don't burst and go away. Too bad. The most annoying one is right where I grow the best hair so Mom wants to comb the area too much and sometimes it gets rubbed and bleeds. Another one looks almost like a tick is stuck to my side. At least I am old, almost 15 years old. I still have it though. Right now I am being really annoying so Mom will give me my dinner early. She's almost at the breaking point. One more whine and nudge ought to do it.............
Lucy Louise

Just call me- Grandma.
Barked: Mon Jul 21, '08 1:11am PST 
Ah, the joys of being an old dog with moles and warts and sebaceous cysts, etc. Mom has learned that the suspicious ones are the bumps that are under the skin and the ones that turn into sores without doggy licking or scratching at them. But a trip to the vet is always the best way to figure out if it's bad or not. And if the vet doesn't think it's bad, it probably isn't. You can always ask them to aspirate a bump if you're really worried about it though. Then, they'll run a test to see if it's a bad'un.
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