Hair not growing back after surgery

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Barked: Thu Jun 5, '08 12:21pm PST 
Bailey had a tumor removed from her back in October. In preparation for the surgery they shaved her hair in the shape of a square on her back. It has been many months now and the hair is not growing back. She is 13 , is this normal for older dogs?

Should I put sunblock on her back?
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Barked: Thu Jun 5, '08 12:24pm PST 
Is Bailey on any meds that might slow the growth of hair?

Has she blown her winter coat yet?

Cherry's fur took sometime to grow back, but hers were due to the drugs she was taking.

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sunblock may not be a bad idea!


Barked: Thu Jun 5, '08 12:29pm PST 
she is not on any medications and she did shed her winter coat already. She is part husky so she fully sheds her undercoat.

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Sometimes older dogs will either take a long time to grow hair back or they won't ever grow it back. My in-laws shepherd husky mix was shaved in a square around the same age and she never grew the hair back. But she also had health problems including seizures and other issues, so that may have had to do with it. There's no way to know whether it will grow back or not, but if she's healthy then I think it should.

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Barked: Thu Jun 5, '08 1:58pm PST 
Has she had her thyroid checked? It CAN be a symptom of hypothyroidism..

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Barked: Thu Jun 5, '08 2:05pm PST 
No worries! With Sibes, it takes a full year to get both the undercoat and guard hair to grow back to normal.

Calpurnia had her front leg amputated in September. She has her undercoat grown back, but is just starting to regrow guard hairs.

It's just how huskies are. You can add kelp powder if you want to help with the regrowth, but it just takes time.


PS - be careful with medicating low thyroid levels in huskies - several researchers are finding that huskies naturally have lower than "average" thyroid levels and are being medicated needlessly.