How long to heal a cut pad?

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Barked: Mon Apr 14, '08 6:58pm PST 
Kelly cut her pad Saturday on her front left paw and she's been limping off and on a little the past 2 days. It's about 1/4" long and hardly bled so I missed it and thought she maybe got a mild sprain because she would only limp on soft grass or the dirt at our off leash.

I cleaned the cut and sprayed it with some liquid bandage spray and will go out and get some polysporin ointment tomorrow. I haven't tried to bandage it yet but I suspect she'll chew it off and any other covering to shreds frown

I'm thinking of only leash walking her for a few days for potty breaks and keeping her inside until it gets better. Since it doesn't look too deep, about how long will it take? Unfortunately the cut is on a pad so that will make the healing process somewhat difficult.

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All you can do is let nature take its course. How fast it will heal depends on your dog. I have dogs that heal cuts in about 3 days and ones that take over a week. I usually put polysporin on the cut then cover it with a bootie. I had a dog that tore hs pad off this year and he always ate his booties so I had to mix cayenne pepper with crisco and spread it on the bootie. It is a little messy but it stoprs them from hurting their foot even more. Get Well Soon!
Josie - CGC

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Barked: Mon Apr 14, '08 10:51pm PST 
First off, are you certain there's no glass or debris in the cut?

If it's a clean injury, pads heal amazingly fast!

Josie cuts her pads regularly. They heal in a few days without changing her strenuous exercise routine. Levi had glass slice into his foot through two pads, and after the surgery, and with help from gauze/bandage/tape/supervision, he healed quick and clean in under a week.


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Max has cut his paw on sharp rocks a few times when we were hiking. Usually heals in a few days. I would put the antibiotic on it and then give it a few more days. This is of course, assuming that the wound was cleaned first (no loose debris before you put the liquid bandage on)... If it doesn't heal in another day or so after the antibiotic, then take Kelly in to the vet and have it checked.