Doing a weird breathing, sneezing, coughing, snorting thing...

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Barked: Thu Apr 3, '08 2:44pm PST 
It all started Tuesday night after our doggy class. Kiya had a few too many "not so healthy" treats from the other dog mom in our class (It is just the 2 dogs in the class) because we were working on our dogs being comfortable with other humans. She had these treats you get from PetCo that you buy in the bulk area. Kiya really liked them and she was actually allowing another human to touch her, so I didn't really think twice about it. Kiya eats EVO and for treats she either gets the Wellness Grain-Free Jerky stuff or EVO dog biscuit things.

Later that night after class Kiya had a rumbly tummy and kept coughing. She actually yacked up some green food-coloring puke - one of her favorite treats were these green doggy cookie things. I figured she just had too many treats and stuff she isn't used to.

Wednesday morning Kiya seemed fine, but she started sneezing and coughing. She has been sneezing A LOT since Wednesday, and coughing some too. Today she also started up with this weird snorting breathing through her nose as well as through her mouth. She is acting normal other than these new strange symptoms.

Nothing new has been introduced in the last few weeks, except for the treats she got on Tuesday night. That is the ONLY thing different that she has been introduced and exposed to.

I am taking her to the vet first thing tomorrow morning. Obviously if she gets worse or starts to have real trouble breathing etc I will take her to the e-vet tonight.

Anyways, do you think it could be the treats? An allergic reaction of sorts? Would an allergic reaction even hang around this long? What else could it be?

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Barked: Thu Apr 3, '08 2:48pm PST 
It sounds like a reverse sneeze to me. Tippy does it when she gets excited or sometimes for no reason at all.
If it is reverse sneezing it's nothing to worry about. You can look it up online.

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Barked: Thu Apr 3, '08 2:51pm PST 
I could be reverse sneezing. I sounds scary but it's just like a sneeze. I do it sometimes and mom used to worry. I can be like an allergic reaction. I do it in the spring when the grass is cut. Somethimes it goes on for a while. Keep us posted


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Barked: Thu Apr 3, '08 2:53pm PST 
It sounds like she had too many treats! Treats to dogs are like candy to us. Too much will do damage to our digestive tract, and to the throat, even. If the treats had any rawhide in them, this is not easily digested and could have gotten caught in her throat.

My second guess would be an allergy. If she was exposed to an allergen while at the class (if someone carried dust mites with them, etc.), that could cause her to cough if she's sensitive to it.

My only advice is to bring those exposures to the vet's attention and see if they can do anything to relieve the cough. They can sometimes prescribe a lubricant to help things move along if it's caught in her throat.