Kennel Cough & K9 cough product

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Hi All,

One of my two dogs has recently started coughing like he has something stuck in his throat. I know that this is the symptom of kennel cough but my other dog does not seem to have any issues. They have both been vaccinated against kennel cough w/in the last 8 months so I don't know how he could have gotten it if he did. One of the neighborhood dogs has the same symptoms and has had it before but is also vaccinated against it. Both my dog and the dog in the neighborhood have high energy levels and aren't coughing anything up.

Has anyone used the K9 Cough product before? I am considering it but I can't find any reviews online. I don't want to spend $47 on a product if it doesn't work... for that price I can go to my vet.


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Coughing can be a sign of other things not just kennel cough. It can also be a sign of heartworms or other serious issues. I'd skip wasting the money on the K9 cough stuff and spend it on a trip to the vet.
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I would not waste your money on the K9 cough product. The Bordetella vaccine does not protect your dog from all strains of kennel cough.
Your vet can give your dog something for the cough that will work and make sure that there is nothing else going on. Is the cough worse at night, when exercising, in the morning? Is the cough a constant cough, hacking cough?
We examine possible kennel cough patients in their cars as it is contagious. If we think it is something caught or if we need to xray them we will bring them into the clinic.
Try giving your pup a little organic honey to soothe his cough, it may work on the short term.