Mucus/gelatin-like stool...

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Mr. Spencer- Puggles

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Barked: Sun Dec 9, '07 12:52pm PST 
Mr. Puggles seems to be feeling under the weather - he's been laying around all weekend, not a big fan of being outside. Wants to curl up on the blankey with us.
This morning he went outside and looked as though he was straining to poop and did so several times before he started kicking/scratching the grass (a sign that he is finished). I didn't see if anything came out because it was still dark out and it didn't really occur to me that there was an issue.

Today, he seemed uncomfortable, as if his stomach was hurting. He is eating, but hesitantly. I have to convince him to eat, today I had to put plain yogurt in his food to stimulate him.
I took him for a walk to get him to poop and he did so, with a little strain as if he was constipated. He did not have a regular bowel movement - his stool was mucus filled, gelatin covered, with what appears to be blood mixed in. I saved it in a bag in case I need to show it to a vet.

The emergency vet here is not clean, I won't take my dogs there. The last time I took a dog there, it died a week later. So I am waiting it out until tomorrow when I can call our vet.

I have read online all over and all the symptoms match up to either colitis or a parasitic infection.
I should also add that he does have a pewter/copper-like aroma as if his anal glands need expression as well. Could this be the problem?

After he pooped, he started playing again as if nothing was wrong. It's really weird... any advice?

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Sounds like giardia/colitis! It is nasty, nasty stuff (the smell is awful!), but luckily it was easy to treat in 6 5-week-old foster puppies! There was a noticable difference once they got medicine, and it was completely gone in about 4 days.

I think he will be OK if you wait it out until tomorrow. Try to make sure that he drinks something, though.

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Barked: Sun Dec 9, '07 1:02pm PST 
I think it might be giardia/colitis.. a nasty little bugger. The only thing you can do right now is make sure your dog drinks lots of water and just wait it out til you go to the vet. Good luck smile

Mr. Spencer- Puggles

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Barked: Sun Dec 9, '07 1:02pm PST 
He has had giardia before, or some other parasitic infection (the vet would not confirm what it was exactly) from drinking river water. With that, he was vomitting and had diahrea all night. This is different, but of course each occurence will be different as well.

He has been drinking water, so that's good.
I was thinking of adding some fiber to his diet today, like pumpkin... anyone know if that'd be a good idea, to help get things moving?

I also forgot to mention that his stomach was making a lot of gurgling noises yesterday, but it could have been hunger since we fed them later than usual.
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did he eat anything wierd?? my pups get wierd poos when they eat apples in the back yard...

good luck at the vet tomorrow smile