My foster dog has kennel cough... I think. How to keep her away from my other dogs?

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I posted a topic before about my foster dog coughing a lot, and hacking up spit. I didn't know what it was, and thought maybe it was from the slip collar. But the first day, she just coughed a little, and the second day, she got worse, and is still the same, with the spit hacking, coughing stuff. I think it's kennel cough b/c I read the symptoms of kennel cough, and it sounds exactly like her. When we got her, the staff at the shelter gave her the bordatella vac, but she could have had it before that, right? And they start coughing a few days after they get it? The dog in the kennel next to her had it, sooo...? I've seen a lot of shelter dogs get it.
I've got a 10x10 ft kennel outside I'm not using. I want to put her in there to keep her away from my other 2 dogs for a couple of weeks. (I just hope my other dogs haven't caught it yet.) confused But it can get cold outside. (This is Louisiana, so not like, below freezing or anything, but pretty darn chilly and windy) And I don't want her to get worse from being in the cold weather. What should I do? Put her a warm blanket in the dog house? Would hay be warm enough? I'm not sure... Any suggestions?

ETA: Should I put tarps on the kennel? If so, on what sides? (north, south, east, west?) I'm confuzzled. =/

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There's a good chance your own dogs won't get it, even if they are not separated. I would only be concerned if your dogs have health problems that make them easily susceptible to diseases. KC is highly contagious but most dogs can get fend it off. Shelter dogs are at a disadvantage because they are in a very stressful environment, which can weaken their immune system. Bordetella vacs don't protect against all strains. My dogs haven't caught KC from a foster yet. Maxwell had it once, but he caught it while being boarded at the vet (and he also had his bordetella) which is the same sort of stressful environment as a shelter.

You will easily be able to treat it with antibiotics and a cough suppressor. Ask the shelter vet if they can give you the medicine or if you have to go to your own vet.

So, I probably wouldn't separate her. If I did, at the very least I would try to make sure she did not have access to the kitchen or wherever the water bowls are (KC is spread through saliva, as you probably already know) and let her have her own personal bowl until the KC is gone. But even then, there is no guarantee that your dogs will get it.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the advice! =)

I think I'll mention it to the staff at the shelter when I volunteer on Monday and see what they say.

Well, she's already gone right up to Steele's mouth while she was coughing. =/ And I only vaccinated Steele when he was a pup. I don't believe in vaccinating every year. (He's 1&1/2 now) Nighque just got her bordatella and all the others. She's never had them before and she's 2 1/2. I had to get all that for her to be able to foster a dog. =P So, I hope they don't get it. I feed them a high quality grainless food with ACV. Steele gets raw twice a week and they all get an egg twice a week. I hope their immune systems are all good. =/

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Last year right before my daughter and son-in-law
were going off to Europe to visit his family they
adopted a Boston. The night they were to leave
the Boston began coughing that horrid kennel
cough. She called the vet and got her in, she
had kennel cough, her four other new siblings
had been vacinated early on, but the vet told her
that that might not protect them. (It's kind of
like a flu shot it might fit the strain going around
but it might not, if I understood correctly.) Anyway
we were babysitting for the three weeks they were
away and we have two dogs. Well, we ended up
with two more of the dogs catching it but the others,
thank goodness, escaped it. The antibiotics really
helped. Of course, by the time she got home every-
one had recovered. I will say kennel cough is horrible,
it's unmistakable, it's like whooping cough in kids. I
hope you can call your vet and get some meds to help
and your other dogs don't catch it. It is no fun having
to watch or listen to these fury kids when they have

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Since Kennel Cough is an airborn contagion, you really can't prevent your other dogs from being exposed to it. Even if you put this pup in a kennel outside. Just because she has it doesn't mean your other dogs will get it. Twice I have had one dog in my household come down with kennel cough and yet none of my other dogs caught it. Just like some people in a household will catch a cold and others never even sneeze once.

Have you taken her to the vet yet? Many dogs can recover from Kennel Cough on their own, but dogs from shelters are often immunosuppressed and the strains of Kennel cough at shelters are often nastier than others. She really should be on an antibiotic.

Good Luck.

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Thanks, everyone. =)

I'm trying to keep her as comfortable as possible. I think I'll try to keep her away from my other 2. I mean, it's better to keep her out of contact with the others as much as I can, rather than her coughing all in their faces, and sharing toys and water bowls, right? I'll let the staff at the shelter know, and see what they suggest, too. dog

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I second the good advice that everyone's given so far. Thanks for fostering her - she's a beautiful dog & is very lucky that you've taken her in!

If it were me, I don't think I'd put her outside. Kennel cough can develop into pneumonia, and I think the stress of being outside, away from everyone, and in the cold might make her more prone to that. I'd want to keep her warm & dry so that she can fight it off. Besides, I know how crappy I feel when I have a cold, and the last place I want to be is outside in the cold when I have one! dog

If you do decide to put her in the kennel, hay is about the warmest lining, and I'd add a blanket, too. And I'd cover the sides with tarps - all but the one that faces away from the wind.