Drinking Pee?

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I'm gonna do- what I wanna do - Maia
Barked: Mon Apr 25, '05 5:45pm PST 
I've heard of eating the poop and that's not so much an issue for us anymore, but what about drinking their pee? Maia seems to want to drink her pee right after she does it. We have fresh water out everyday so it's not like she's dehydrated...what could be the issue

The Cuddle- Master
Barked: Tue Apr 26, '05 8:24am PST 
I've noticed my Min Pins always try to drink my other two dogs pee. But they don't go after their own, or eachothers. I never let them because it really grosses me out. Luckily, I'm always outside with my dogs, even if they're on the dog run.

Fashion- my- Passion
Barked: Sat Apr 30, '05 2:12pm PST 
Your Min Pin's drink pee from your other dogs because they are female, especially if your Min Pin's are unfixed males. My male Chihuahua’s drink the female Chihuahua’s pee, partly because they are unfixed males. Also they receive the females’ hormone scent, even if she is fixed. In the wild that’s how dogs leave each other messages. For the other dog that drinks their own pee I’m not sure. It may just be a puppy thing. I’d discourage her with a no and maybe a spray of water from a spray bottle. You should be able to break that habit since she is a puppy. If you need more info you can send a message to one of my dogs. I hope I helped both of you.


Yum! Nice treat,- thanks!
Barked: Fri May 6, '05 4:24am PST 
Puppy likes to lick my widdle right after I pee. It's kind of embarrassing, for me and my Ali - especially when we're out on walks. I don't really understand why he does it - he always pulls a 'ew! gross' face afterwards, and his bottom lip trembles.
I've licked his a couple of times... I made the same face, and I don't do it any more.