Dog play after spay

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Izzy was spayed last Thursday (5 days ago). She's going bonkers not being able to go outside to play since vet said just leash walks for 10 days. Is it a problem to let her out in the yard?
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You can let her into the yard on leash, as long as you're right by her side and don't let her jump or run. I really woul;dn't let her off leash yet, it's best to keep the girls quiet for two weeks. You could do some training to wear her out mentally - Rosie and I worked on "heel" while she was stuck on leash.

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When Sandy was spayed, they said rest for 5 days and then easy play until 10 days out. Of course being the nut she is, it was IMPOSSIBLE to keep her calm.

Basically, short bouts of easy play should be fine for your girl! No dog parks or runs, but if you let her have a lap or 2 around the back yard, it should help her and not interfere with her healing.

The vet who does the spay and neuter for our rescue dogs says no running for 5 days, then softer than normal play for 5 more, so....



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It is much safer to do what the others have said. Everytime we've had our dogs spayed they told us to let them rest in their crate for 5 days, and then slowly let them get more active. I would try my best to not let her jump yet.

I know how it is on trying to keep a dog calmed down when they are naturally hyper. Butters is like that and to keep him calmed down is impossible. He's like the energizer bunny.

It would be best to put her on a leash when you take her outside and just walk her around the yard. And if you are worried about her running or jumping in the house, you could keep her on a leash inside and let her walk with you around the house. I wouldn't let her on the couch yet(if that is permitted in your house) because it could hurt her to let her jump up there or even for you to lift her up.
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Just take a few more leash walks to help tire her out. It is important to let her heal completely before allowing her to run and jump.

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You know, Mommy and Daddy were reading an article in a local dog paper, that said mental stimulation while on a walk will tire a dog out more than a longer walk or more frequent walks or even a run or romp at the dog park!

It said make your dog think while walking, it makes them have to think. Apparently dogs dislike thinking on a walk, they like just knowing what is coming up next. suddenly pausing during a walk and making your dog sit or some other trick, disrupts their norm, and it is tiresome.

We haven't tried it out personally, but we asked the vet and he completely agreed!