Gatorade for Dogs??

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When Phoenix was ill some time ago, the doggy doctor gave him some sort of electrolyte mix, which he called 'doggy gatorade'. It only made 2 litres, and was on prescription.

I know when I do big work outs, I drink gatorade and similar products, and was wondering if there's any available products for dogs? Phoenix and Sahara are, most days, out running, playing, swimming and training etc for several hours, and I wanted to know if there's a sort of 'pick me up' drink or something I can add to their water to give them good recovery.

Any ideas?
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I've seen somewhere here in the forums that Gatorade is not for doggie consumption....hopefully another dogster has that information for you (the why).
Pedialyte has electrolytes and is fine for doggies but it is not a 'pick me up', it's a replacement for doggies who lack electrolytes because of vomitting/diarrhea/illness.
Nikki aka- 'Eyes to the- Soul'

hey Irie, wasn't- that MY toy??
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I just came across a post where the OP's Vet recommended Gatoraid by feeding syringe for a doggie that wouldn't/couldn't drink.
So I guess I'm misinformed.
Not sure about using it for a 'pick me up' though.
You could do an advanced search (to your left just below Find Adoptable Dogs under Find a Dogster) of the Forums with the key work Gatoraid and I'd bet you'll find lots more info.

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There are such mixes desgined specifically for dogs. There are various brands, here is a link to one byNupro. They are particularly helpful for very active dogs and hot weather. Many people that participate in dog sports will carry some electrolyte mix to trials in case of dehydration or heat stroke. A few years back at a flyball tournament that I attended, one of the dogs on another team got some pretty serious heat stroke. We were out in a small town quite some distance from the nearest vet, which was closed anyways. Luckily, someone had some electrolyte mix on hand so they were able to buy some extra time.

I don't think it would necessarily be something that everyone needs to have on hand. The average pet dog won't ever require it. But if your dog is in a situation where they are working extremely hard or exposed to very hot weather, then it wouldn't hurt.
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There are a number of dog "sports drinks" or electrolyte replacement drinks for active dogs on the market.

Here are some of the products available:
K9 Quencher
Go Dog
Vitamin Dog Water
K9 Water Co
Hydro Dog
K9 GODOG Performance Factors
Canine Rehydrate

If you do a google search you can find more info on these products.

I also wanted to add, make sure you always have plain water available in addition to these drinks. Some dogs will not want to drink the "sports drink" while exercising which could cause problems if there is no plain water available! I've tried the Vitamin Water and the K9 Quencher with my own dogs while doing dog sports, and they would not drink the Vitamin Water and drank very little of the K9 Quencher... Luckily I always have extra water available...

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Hmm, Diego drinks Gatorade from time to time. He laps it up usually. He DOES do better with the less intense flavors though, the ice ones I think.

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Thanks guys! I didnt actually mean give them 'human' gatorade, the sugar (or sugar replacement stuff) knocks me about and gives me headaches if I have a lot, so I wouldn't be keen giving it to the pups!

I'm going to look into the suggestions from Ginger (hope you're feeling better, darling pup) as we're heading into summer here, and even in the mornings and evening it's super hot for them to be exercising.

Thanks for the help!
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problem with gatorade would be the sodium in it.

other than that, the vet had reccomended some for macey before she passed becasue she wont drink or eat anything. and every now and then i dilute some with water for twks and pxs.