Uncontrollable Shaking...

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Barked: Sun Sep 9, '07 11:07pm PST 
So I took Bella for a walk earlier this evening, she came home thirsty and went straight for the water bowl. A few minutes later I notice that she's trying to get my attention I picked her up and felt her kinda shaking...I put her down by the water bowl and she continued to shake uncontrollably, she was kinda hunched over it was like she couldn't stand still and was sort of hooping around. She seemed to be dizzy/disoriented because she couldn't walk straight or stand still. I rushed to animal emergency but halfway there the shaking stopped. She went completely back to her normal barking self. Because she seemed to be better and Emergency was so full I left but am planning to take her to her vet in the morning. I'm just wondering if anyone knows what could have possibly caused this...She NEVER shakes. I'm wondering if she ate some weird plant on her walk (she loves to chew on grass) or if she might have fallen off of the bed (just got an new bed that's higher than the old one). I am just very freaked out and don't know what could have caused this cry Please help.

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As I am not a vet, and do not know why she was shaking, all I know to say is...having taken my dog to an emergency vet...I would just wait till the morning. Early as you can, but take her for sure, just to check. I have learned that it's better to be safe than sorry....hope it eases your mind....

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Thanks. I'm still so freaked outfrown because nothing like that has ever happened to her. She has an appointment later today...

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Hi, saw your post and of course it caught my eye. It could have been a seizure of some sort, and a guess would be that maybe she was overheated and a bit hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) being tired out from a walk. That would explain that she seemed to return to normal after she rested and cooled off. If so, just make sure to monitor her activity during the heat of the day and always keep fresh cool water for her. Hoping it was just a freak happening and nothing of lasting consequence.

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My aunt has a very tiny yorkie (less than 2 lbs) and she will shake and sorta act as if she's passing out...my aunt gives her a little bit of sugar and she returns to normal. But I've heard that once they are older (she's only 6 mos) that it will stop. I believe its the hypoglycemic thing as mentioned earlier.

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when kobi ran away( last week)
we bathed him fed him and gave him water he started to shake too!
idk y ?
but it stoped a few hours later and hes back to his old self .
but like Solo said its better safe than sorry *I think*.
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Barked: Mon Sep 10, '07 4:04pm PST 
Our yorkie poo does this when something scares him like a storm or other loud noise. Our lab mix does this anytime she doesn't feel well. For her it is usually something she ate and has an upset stomach. She can look really sick for just feeling sick for a day. We give her some Pepto and she usually perks up. I wouldn't do anything without vets permission, just saying that two of my dogs do this too and the different reasons why.
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Barked: Mon Sep 10, '07 4:37pm PST 
our lil yorkie Roxy gets the shakes too....
when she's overheated, when she's constipated, when she's afraid,
whenever she can't figure out what's going on around her or with herself....such a little spoiled brat princess wuss
laugh out loud
but we love her
the first time it happened was because she was constipated but mama was sure she was having a heart attack (Roxy not mama OR was it both?) and rushed her to vet
he said that was just a common physiological response for yorkies to anything 'off'
she does it less now that she's older
call your vet and see what they say
especially if she's not got the shakes any more