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Poor little guy has been sick acting weird and throwing up so we took him to doggie ER and they said it was going to be $1200 for him to stay one night and run test. They hooked him to an IV and he had a fevor of 104 which I heard 100-102 is ok for a dog. We were like we dont have $1200 right now so can you run the test and we will take him home depneding on what the test say. Well I guess his liver count was hihgh and it showed he had infection, so they gave us meds for him and said his x-rays didnt look like he had a block. They told me to keep checking his temp which is 103.4 right now so Im a little worried about that, anything you know of to help reduce a doggie fevor? He hasnt been throwing up which is good and he has been a little more with it. Anyone have any advice? Also I was wondering if I shoul dkeep him on a liquid diet? Like Chicken or beef broth? Thought maybe some of you could help in the mean time. Thanks! Little Rusty will be sleeping with me tonight!

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ooopps I should have posted we took him home and the bill went down to $450. Doesnt seem right does it? Down $780?? Hmmm Is pet insurance any good?
Roxy Marie

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The first estimate was WAY out there. Roxy ate practically a whole bowl of Potporri which is needless to say very very bad for doggies.... She spent three days and two nights in the ER vet... she has fluids... exrays... tests and even her tummy pumped... it cost us $1,400. Which was not really bad... but she was due for her shots and that cost another $150 [the vet we took her too went ahead and did it... I was not happy because the clinic we bring her too does them for 50 bucks]. This vet also tried to get us to get her spayed for $400. Which I thought was weird after she just went through all that... I called another vet for another opinion and she highly discouraged it. We no longer go to that vet. But make sure that you know where you money is going. I do not have pet insurance... buy my family and I are seriously considering it. Roxy is only a year old and she has cost me well over $3,000... what with shots and other medical costs [she has had previous incidents in which she has eaten things that ought not to have been eaten].... she is now VERY picky about what she eats LOL

and I got her for FREE. BOL.

I hope you feel better... Best wishes

Roxy Marie

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There was a doggy on the news that literally ate $800.

They recoverd $600
Benny D.D.S.

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I ate a sandwich covered in saran wrap. My aunty called the vet and they said to just watch for vomiting, diahrrea and intestinal distress. I didn't have any of the above and proceeded to poop out a perfectly saran wrapped piece of poop.
was the cake chocolate? or vanilla? I would be more worried if it was a chocolate cake.
I don't know how the cake could give you liver problems though....you might want to check that with your regular vet on Monday.
Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.

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I work with x-rays, and saran wrap doesn't show up on x-rays, unless there were massive quantities of them tightly meshed up together (example: the entire roll of saran wrap).

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The saran wrap wouldn't show up on xrays, unless a barium, series was done. However, an obstructive pattern could be seen if the wrapping as blocking the intestines.

The cost difference was just due to the fact that he didn't stay there overnight. There are a lot of 'things' involved with hospitalization and I'm not surprised that an ER vet would cost that much for intensive care.

A bland diet probably wouldn't be a bad idea until his stomach settles down a little (1 part boiled chicken to 2-3 parts boiled white rice). When was the last time he vomited? Generally we recommended that with vomiting, you should let the stomach calm down for at least 12-24 hours before introducing food or water again. It sounds like SQ fluids were given, so these should keep him hydrated until then.

Hope he's feeling better soon!
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my mom had a lab that once ate 2lbs hamburger, styraphome,cellophane and all, she ended up ok.
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I ate the whole bag you cook the Turkey in to keep it juicy. Needless to say one night it all can out the other end with some extra pushing and help. No one knew I had ate it.