8 year old beagle suddenly acting very lethargic

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Barked: Thu Jul 19, '07 11:05pm PST 
Just yesterday, I came home and instead of greeting me like she usually does my beagle named Patch continued to sleep. I was shocked because she is one of the most affectionate dogs I have ever met. She was in severe discomfort as she did not want to be held and she was shivering a lot. She also didn't seem interested in eating anything, even meat. Her abdominal seemed extremely tight so we though she was bloated

We took her to the Vet and they did a urine sample. Her urine and temp. were normal. They said that it is likely she is having severe back problems so she was prescribed a pain killer and a muscle relaxant. There are not certain whether it is a stomach problem or a back problem.

Has anyone had similar symptoms?

Thanks for any help!

Boxer Gentleman
Barked: Fri Jul 20, '07 4:11am PST 
Never had the problem, but just wanted to lend some support..... I hope you feel better soon pup! thinking I have seen lots of back injury posts on here , so hopefully some pup with more experience can shed some light for you

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The problem with GI upset and back problems is they often present the same symptoms -- a very uncomfortable dog. A tight painful abdomen could be signs of a very bad GI upset, a foreign body, an abdominal mass or back/disc pain. I have also seen these symptoms associated with tick born diseases such as lyme, ehrlichia, anaplasmosis or rocky mountain spotted fever.
I would speak with your vet about
1) XRAYS, this would help to visualize the intestines for any gassy patterns, visible foreign bodies, abdominal masses or possible disc damage (although this can be hard to see just on x-ray)
2) Bloodwork for tick born diseases - there is a relatively inexpensive SNAP test called the 3DX or 4DX that most clinics carry for easy diagnosis - it only requires a small amount of blood and the results come back in 10 minutes
(just a note - 3DX tests for HW, LYME and EHRLICHIA,

Again there could be other things going on but this is a start for more info for you.
You should discuss all options with your vet but def request the above items since they can rule out alot of stuff and are relatively inexpensive.


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Mickey Moose
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Have you tried chiropractic adjustments or acupuncture on her? I have done both on my dane Mickey who has severe spondylosis (arthritis in the spine), and it's amazing how much it would help him! I didn't have to do pain killers or other meds as long as I had him adjusted and needled once a week.

Keep us posted, big slobbers from the boys.

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Maybe you should have them run a full blood test and make sure there isn't an infection somewhere and to make sure everything is within normal ranges. Definitely seems like something wrong there. Strange that she would just have back problems all of a sudden. When my dog has totally not acted like herself, there was always something not good going on, like Pancreatitis (sp) or when she had a severe infection. Sorry, but it doesn't seem like your vet really did much at all to try and figure out what is wrong.

I hope your dog feels better soon!

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Thanks for all the responses. The pain killers seem to be helping her a lot so I assuming it is some sort of back problem as opposed to stomach problem. We had a blood test done and everything came back ok.

Thanks again!